It is popular in autumn and winter to wear: "coat + pants", clean, neat and outstanding

It is popular in autumn and winter to wear: "coat + pants", clean, neat and outstanding

In different seasons, the matching of women will be more focused. Spring and summer tend to be cool and clean, and autumn and winter tend to be warm and stable.

The most common combination of CP in autumn and winter is a coat with pants. Whether it is from the details or from the combination of colors, coats and pants will be more fashionable, and the warmth effect is very good.

The styles of various trousers are different, and the fashion sense that collides with the coat is also different. They can complement each other and have a modification effect. How can you modify the shortcomings of your body and make the coat and trousers have the best effect?

1. Charismatic and stylish

The reason why coats are so popular in autumn and winter is that they have improved the overall aura and temperament. The clothes worn in spring and summer are more gentle, and after the cold in autumn and winter, the style of girls will also be Some changes, especially the knee-length coats, are simple and clean without losing the feminine aura. With more neat and capable pants, they can have an added effect.

2. The effect of being taller and thinner is stronger

The main purpose of women in the process of learning collocation is to maximize their strengths and avoid weaknesses. Through the coordination and collocation of clothing, their figure becomes more perfect and their temperament is improved. The matching between coat and trousers will make the whole person more charming and have a great advantage, adding points to their charm.

Choosing the right combination of trousers and coats can also adjust the proportions of the figure, creating the advantage of being visually taller and thinner, and wearing them easily and stylishly.

Question 1: The length of the coat is well controlled

Nowadays, women are more and more interested in neutral style or big-woman style clothing. Long coats are one of the expressions, but you can't just look at the length, but take into account the individual's height.

Because there are many small girls who can't control the super long styles, overcoats will have the opposite effect. The whole person is wrapped, there is a certain sense of oppression, if the matching pants are no longer suitable, it will be a disaster.

In order to keep the shape warm and look smart, it is better to choose a moderate length. If you are taller, you can try the part above the ankle. If it is a short girl, there are two lengths, one is over the knee The type of suit, woolen coat, one is to choose to reach the position below the knee and above the ankle.

Question 2: Don’t use the neckline design

When choosing a coat, this is a problem that is easily overlooked, and it is also a very important issue. When choosing a neckline, women need to highlight their superior neckline. If it is relatively perfect, it must be properly exposed. Therefore, the area of the neckline is relatively large, which can optimize the proportion of the body while showing it. The personal advantage is that the whole body becomes more full.

Question 3: The type of pants

The style of pants is the most important thing. Choosing pants is one of the biggest headaches for girls all year round. When choosing pants, you can also focus on the overall shape, such as chimney pants or flared pants.

These two types of trousers are relatively popular in autumn and winter, and they will have a stronger modification effect on the body. The straight up and down design of the chimney pants makes the body more smooth, and the flared pants have a good modification effect on the calf. , The collocation with the coat can show the fusion of styles.

Question 4: Length control of pants

The length of the trousers is as important as the jacket you choose. Many girls always like to wear trousers on the floor when matching coats. They look sloppy, because when choosing a long coat for matching, they bring their own A feeling of pressure. If you choose too long pants, the overall shape will be very awkward, so try to control the length of the pants to nine minutes or just cover your feet. It is also easier to match shoes.

Method 1: Same color matching method

The matching method of the same color is very easy to use in autumn and winter. For fashionistas, this is a very favorite matching method. Moreover, the clothes worn in autumn and winter are thicker. The upper and lower parts can be in the same color. Time can also be able to deduce elegant taste.

For example: Khaki coat + camel pants

The color of khaki is relatively light. Choosing a woolen style coat has a certain sense of volume, which highlights the personal aura. With a pair of camel pants, it is actually more caramel color, with bright spots, and the same color between the upper and lower shades. Line, noble and elegant, and this kind of collocation is very warm, a pair of black boots as an embellishment, has a strong feminine aura.

Method two: color embellishment method

In terms of clothing matching, not only should pay attention to the matching between the entire large modules, but also the embellishment of the small single product types. The frequency of wearing hats in autumn and winter is very high. When matching, color intervention will make the overall The styling is more bright and lively. When there is color embellishment, the overall shape will have a brightening effect, will not appear dull, and make the coat matching lighter.

For example: red hat + bell bottom pants + camel coat

After entering the winter, this type of camel coat has a very strong warmth effect. Many girls in southern regions can wear it directly for the winter, wearing a knitted sweater with green trim inside and flared pants on the lower body. This combination is even more It tends to be modern and retro, and at the same time it uses red hats and red earrings to embellish it, and the shape is brightened by color. The combination of colors like this can make the whole more coordinated, and it is very scheming.

The coat is very aura, and the pants will be more capable and neat. In fact, the styles of the two items will be somewhat similar, so the combination will be more perfect, and it can easily collide with the fashion sense of autumn and winter.

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