It's time to wear a down jacket

It's time to wear a down jacket

"It's winter, have you added clothes?"

What are fashionable people hoarding quietly this season? sweater? Boots? scarf? I am afraid it is too weak to think about the weather! The real answer is down jackets. Speaking of it, if the vocabulary stored in your brain is still bloated and earthy... "Keep warm", "Suitable for all ages"... Hurry up and carry out a "hard core knowledge upgrade".

In fact, the design and style of the down jackets in these two years are very fashionable.

Fashion trendy people will never forget it when they are concave in the winter~ With the concave shape of the down jacket desperately, who said this year is popular to keep warm + fashionable? !

So, are you still questioning the fashion of down jackets? ! Indeed, the aesthetics of down jackets are inferior to coats anyway, but within the limited scope of play, we can still try to find a relatively good-looking way to wear, taking into account style and temperature!

Today, I will give you the reason that because of the bloated shape, I feel that down jackets are not fashionable enough~ Choose the right style, wear the right matching, down jackets can also be fashionable, so I want to tell you how to wear down jackets to keep warm and look good ~

What are the popular down jackets?


Oversize is popular this year, no matter what it is, it must be big, and down jackets are no exception. This year's down jacket is very big, the picture below is especially popular.

For down jackets, cold colors are not applicable. In winter, bright colors! The bright red that is about to ignite, the slightly obtrusive pink, the reflective shiny face... these elements that are difficult to use on other items, all make sense in the down jacket.

How to wear so as not to be bloated like a bear?

Choose short or long


Short style: Children's shoes with thicker hips and thighs will not be suitable, especially for small girls.

Medium and long models: Suitable for everyone, but you should pay attention to the overall proportion when you wear them.

Long style: This refers to the style that grows to the ankle, not suitable for small girls, but suitable for tall girls.

Let's talk about specific ways to wear

Short style is the mainstream

Short down jacket, the length of the waistline, whether it is matched with skirts or trousers, can lengthen the figure, super energetic.

Short down jackets are also suitable for small people, who generally cannot support long down jackets, so the oversize short down jackets that are fashionable and warm are the best choice.

Short down jackets can be paired with tight underwear. Follow the principle of “top pine and tight bottom”. Even down jackets must have long legs~

Girls who really can’t fit wide-leg pants can also wear them, but they should be tight on the top and wide on the bottom to make them look thinner.

The black down jacket is the basic style, almost one for everyone. The short style can lengthen the proportions of the legs, while the celebrity styles tend to choose slightly swelled styles, which look handsome and cute. Since the waist has been abandoned, It's better to go the other way, and it's reasonable to sell cute!

Hoodie, chain bag, leggings, Martin boots... these are all good helpers for the styling of black down jackets.

Down jacket with long skirt, elegant and fashionable.

However, girls who are not tall are best to choose a skirt above the knee, which does not look bloated.

Practical warmth in the long section

The mid-length model has a high thermal insulation coefficient, which is most suitable for tall and thin girls.

Putting on the mid-length down jacket that hadn't just passed the buttocks, open the zipper at will to reveal the white sweater and long legs, full of big-name aura.

For down jackets that just reach the knees, it is recommended to wear high heels to match them. At the same time, remember the principle of wide top and narrow bottom.

For long down jackets that don't reach the knees, you must choose light and thin fabrics, with simple design, atmosphere and western style. Of course, it's nice to wear it open and not look cumbersome.

Worried about wearing a down jacket swollen like a bear? Try adding a belt or choose a waistband

Wide down jacket

The generous down jacket can be said to be a big hit this year, I love it very much, and the power of the silhouette saves the fat figure.

But avoid choosing too large styles and grasp just the right degree.

This winter, let us enjoy the fashion and sense of security wrapped in down jackets.

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