Jacket + skirt = the most eye-catching combination CP in winter!

Jacket + skirt = the most eye-catching combination CP in winter!

Winter has always been the world of all kinds of warm jackets, but how to wear jackets to keep them warm and eye-catching? The choice of inner styles has become the topic of most concern to trendy people nowadays. Wearing the same basic pants? The strong combination of jacket and skirt is the most effortless cool CP this winter. Not only will it make your look attractive and handsome, the skirt with its own light weight and weight reduction attribute can help you have both temperature and grace, thin and tall. Both, earn a turnaround rate every minute!

Woolen short coat + skirt

The genderless wind makes the "wool short coat" once again one of the hottest coats in the fashion circle. The thick and soft fabric not only keeps you warm in winter, but also combines the extremely elegant and classical French style with the half skirt group CP. .

The ultra-short model can effectively separate the body proportions, and create a high waist + long leg vision. The demure and subtle but neat and distinct shape design is extremely easy chic

As the trump card CP with a burst of appearances in autumn and winter, woolen suits and skirts are not only the best choice for high appearance and 100 points of atmosphere, but also the most obvious "long + short" in the collocation routine. Perform to the extreme.

The rich styling layered power that surged from homeopathy can be said to be worn and fashionable. If you want a more romantic and gentle, light and elegant pleated skirt + woolen suit to play mix and match, the belt assists the slender graceful posture, it is just good to see the explosion.

If you and your sister are also mainly in commuter wear, the woolen coat and straight skirt group CP, the capable and straightforward atmosphere can also help you create a particularly high-class and classic winter style without any effort.

Morandi suits and piles of socks echoed each other, even the upper body of the sneakers can hardly stop the elegant style and retro texture of the natural nature, it is absolutely unique!

Tired of wearing regular wear, like a profile woolen coat + mini skirt with a cool and sexy combination CP, while playing with the missing lower body, it can fully create the long-legged vision——

After the winter, use leggings and boots to help you. When you have both demeanor and temperature, it will help you to burst the audience in minutes.


There are tens of millions of warm jackets, but the most practical one is the long coat. Using it with all kinds of skirt groups CP, the elegant, casual and graceful and cool style at the same time can help you perform casually. Glamorous and charming.

Especially for the winter where texture is particularly important, the double-sided woolen coat and skirt with its own luster and high-level attributes work together. The effortless lightness and thinness can help you have a stylish and more lazy atmosphere.

Or choose a more handsome and unruly leather coat to mix and match a half skirt, and the shape of the inside is soft and the outside is rigid, and it is full of accent and extremely elegant.

The classic black coat can not only support the gas field but also achieve the coexistence of charming and handsome. One piece can play 100 possibilities, especially when it is used in conjunction with dress + boots, the dignified and subtle dressing charm will be divided into minutes Slay the audience.

The silhouette version hits the black coat, and the basic model instantly transforms into the trend. The skirt weakens the thickness of the coat, which greatly increases the lightness and casualness of the shape, and it is also free and easy to the bones.

If you want to look thin and tall, the short skirt and long coat can fully expose the skin of the legs immediately. The long legs are the sense of sight.

It is natural to keep warm in winter, and use leggings + boots to help the whole body. While holding the demeanor and temperature, it can also deduce the western style and good taste of "long outside and short inside".

The appearance rate of the autumn and winter woolen skirt is particularly high. The handsome and charming all-match attribute and the coat group CP, sometimes reduce the age and retro, sometimes the gentle and intellectual can be regarded as a well-deserved classic.

The white boots combine the tall, handsome, clean and healing boots. With a long coat + skirt, the unconventional texture instantly makes the look more charming and feminine.

The earth-colored coat is a must-have for the warm and beautiful temperament of the winter. It is always harmonious and paired with the half skirt. The upper body of high heels is light, charming and sexy. It can give people a first-sighted intoxicating surprise when dating or attending various formal banquets.


Lamb wool + skirt

After the winter, fur coats are always indispensable. Among them, the most popular "lamb coat" in the hipster circle is still one of the hottest styles in this quarter.

How to make this kind of cold resistance first-class, but for the bloated coat to look thin and advanced at the same time, excellent and beautiful more versatile? In many routines, using skirts to form CP is undoubtedly the correct way to open.

Sweet and romantic skirts can not only weaken the usual swelling of fur coats, but also achieve age-reduction and leisure in the combination of rigidity and flexibility. Both the lazy feeling and the girly feeling are not wrong.

If you want a more sassy look, you can mix and match a long lamb coat with a skirt. The free and easy street style style can make your aura and taste look even better even if you wear it for daily commuting.

It is worth noting that for girls with a smaller body, if you want to wear the golden ratio without effort and have a cool A style to the end, use a profile lamb velvet jacket + short skirt + thick leggings + long boots to help, no doubt keep warm in winter. Highest.

Down jacket + skirt

The down jacket, which seems to be out of line with the trend, has quietly transformed into a popular style after the casual style has become popular. Needless to say, the warmth and skirt can also awaken infinite winter vitality between rigidity and softness.

Use loose inner outfits as skirts, down jackets + shark pants to help, create a rich styling level while the cool and uninhibited style can also make people shine.

The elegant atmosphere of the skirt and the neutral handsomeness of the down jacket are balanced with each other, to prevent the shape from being too sweet, and to show a tall and slender figure.

The long down jackets are personable and can be layered with suit skirts to show their lightness in the workplace. The use of sweaters + half skirts for daily appointments to highlight French laziness is also a very warm and versatile CP.

Down jacket + checkered skirt group CP, age-reducing retro atmosphere and eclectic dressing charm, both outstanding and unique, and full of affinity.


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