Jeans are the "god" that goes out on the street. Each of these 6 matching methods is beautiful.

Jeans are the "god" that goes out on the street. Each of these 6 matching methods is beautiful.

Jeans have been very popular since they were born. This single product can be regarded as an indispensable single product in the wardrobe in all seasons. Although the fabric is simple, it can be worn with different styles and different styles. The matching effect.

In addition to having a strong sense of fashion and leisure, jeans are also very versatile. Wear them in daily casual occasions. This kind of basic and simple trousers is really a Bailing, and jeans are the "god" of matching out of the street. Each of these 6 matching methods is beautiful.

1. Suit with jeans

Jeans themselves are a very casual item. The denim fabric comes with a sense of leisure and comfort. It is very easy to wear in daily casual occasions. The upper body is matched with a casual style suit jacket. It is a mix and match. The collocation way to present a kind of personalized collocation effect.

When using jeans with suit tops, you can show different matching effects by matching different styles of suit tops. If you want to wear in the workplace commuting, you can try to use a basic black suit top to match slim-fit jeans. Casual jeans are paired with workplace suits to increase the sense of professionalism in the workplace.

If you want to wear more fashion sense, you can try to use a color-blocking striped suit jacket to match loose-fit denim wide-leg pants, avoiding the lack of color matching.

If you want to look tall when you wear a suit with jeans, you can try to wear a suit with an open suit to match the high-waisted jeans. The jeans themselves are a very casual and comfortable trouser suit, which is tailored with a high-waisted style. It can play a very intuitive effect of lifting the waistline, and wear long legs with a very easy matching method.

2. Knit cardigan with jeans

The combination of knitted cardigan and jeans will present a very simple and gentle feeling. The loose-fitting knitted cardigan is paired with the same loose high-waisted wide-leg pants, and a loose-fitting design is used to wear enough comfort. The requirements for the figure are not very high, this matching method is very suitable for women with a little fat body.

If your height is not very tall and you want to show high practicality in wearing, you can try to use a short knit cardigan to match high-waist style jeans, shorten the proportion of the upper body, and extend the proportion of the lower body at the same time. Match the way to show a body ratio of 37 points.

3, leather clothes with jeans

The ladies from Europe and the United States like to wear leather clothes very much. The combination of leather clothes and jeans presents a sense of coolness. This way of matching lacks a bit of femininity and gentleness, but it is demonstrated through this appropriate and tough matching style. Create a sense of neatness and distance in modern women.

4, small fragrance jacket with jeans

The short, small fragrance jacket is full of exquisiteness. The lower body is matched with high-waisted long jeans. The top-short and bottom-high matching method is used to show a sense of exquisiteness. This matching method can present the body proportions perfectly, which is very suitable Petite girls learn from it.

5, sweater with jeans

Young ladies who like sweet and age-reducing styles can try to match loose-fit wide-leg jeans with a sweater with a stronger sense of age. The comfort of the sweater is self-evident, and it is comfortable to wear on the body. It is full of sense and is worn on the neckline with a small lace doll collar, or with a colorful cartoon print on the chest, which can show dazzling eyes and a girlish look. The lower body is matched with high-waisted wide-leg jeans. , A lot of comfort and age reduction.

6, coat with jeans

In the autumn and winter seasons, the matching of coats and jeans is a must-choose matching method in the street. However, you need to avoid bloated feeling when wearing a coat, and use an open dressing method. At the same time, when wearing jeans, lean at the waist. The upper position is matched with a belt of the same color as the coat, which can not only achieve the effect of echoing in color, but also show the high waist line by opening it.

Jeans are the most popular item in all seasons. They are simple, practical and versatile. The above combinations are very easy to use. Which one do you prefer?

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