Lamb wool coat: "I'm actually not what you think"

Lamb wool coat: "I'm actually not what you think"

The lamb fur jacket is an iconic single product of the flight suit. The integrated fur design has excellent warmth and is very suitable for high-altitude and low-temperature combat. It is also known as the bomber flight jacket. The biggest feature of this B-3 flight jacket is that it has a large hair The collar, and the inner lining is also made of plush.

The G-1 flight jacket is improved from the style, and the G-1 jacket is more flexible and simpler. This lining has almost lost the plush design, and the iconic small plush lapel still exists.

The G-1 style is more fashionable. After World War II, the flight jacket has gradually become popular in the fashion circle. Fashion icons such as major stars, speeding parties, rock bands, etc. have begun to be keen on this flight jacket.

In addition to the classic lamb hair flying leather jacket, various styles are also designed to satisfy consumers today. The styles of fabrics such as denim and khaki are very popular.

Although the lamb wool coat is relatively low-key in the fashion circle, it is indeed a good single product from the perspective of warmth, which can bring more styles.

Leather jacket

There is no need to worry too much about the warmth of the fur-integrated style, and the leather style can better reflect the tough charm of a man.

The concise style is more business-oriented, and it is also tasteful when paired with a turtleneck sweater.

The biggest advantage of the fur collar is that it can protect the neck. It can warm the neck a lot in the cold winter, and the shape can be saved even with a scarf.

The classic style is not affected by the trend, it can be worn out every year, and the style is also very calm.

Due to the design of the wool, a good quality lambs wool jacket can better reflect the quality of a style, but usually also pay attention to maintenance.

When wearing a lamb fur jacket, you should also fit your body, so that you can better reflect your figure. It is enough to choose some simple styles of pants.

With a pair of suede leather boots, it looks very versatile, with a black tone inside to make it more stable.

When matching with light colors, pay more attention to the overall tone of the shape.

Denim jacket

Compared with the leather material, the denim material looks younger and the style becomes more versatile.

The single product collocation of whole body tannins is classic and fashionable, and the choice of shoes will also determine the style of the styling.

When wearing a fur-collared jacket, you must keep the collar neat and tidy. A white dress inside looks very simple.

The style of denim and lamb fur coat with sneakers can also create a street style, whether it is jeans or casual pants styles are all versatile.

Matching with a hooded sweater has better styling and warmth. Just choose the size of the clothes to maintain comfort.

The style with the hooded sweater is more street-oriented, and the style becomes more fashionable.

The styles with bright colors inside, the shape is more individual, and it is also a mashup style that fashion icons are keen on.

Reversible lamb wool coat

In addition to the classic jacket styles, all plush styles need to be selected carefully. When they are not worn well, they will become upstarts, but the all plush styles are more comfortable to wear.

If you feel that the medium and long styles are difficult to hold, you can also choose the short styles, but the warmth retention will be reduced, and the shoes can also be echoed in color when necessary.


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