"Pants for periodical holiday" are more popular nowadays, they are fashionable and thin and novel, and who wears them is beautiful

"Pants for periodical holiday" are more popular nowadays, they are fashionable and thin and novel, and who wears them is beautiful

Wide-leg pants are practical and versatile, and have a good modification effect on thick legs and wide hips. No wonder it once became a bad street style. But now it's winter, and I need more warm pants, and the wide-leg pants that I have worn for a year should also be put away! This year's popular "period pants", not only reduce age, but also temperament.

What are "period pants"?

"Regular holiday pants" is a bold and very interesting term, which actually refers to pants with a dark red or burgundy color. The "period pants" with moderate color saturation and high brightness can set off women's skin tone white and shiny, but women with dark skin will only look darker when they wear these pants.

How to choose "period pants"?

Pay attention to the choice of material

For any pair of pants, if it can cover the meat and show the height, then it is your first choice, and it is no exception when choosing period pants. When facing the hot summer, there will be a situation where all the heavy fabrics are almost rejected. Therefore, the period holiday pants made of cloth material are definitely the first choice, especially the linen period holiday pants. The thin fabric comes with a lazy wind, and the breathability is super good, so it is not easy to wear.

Choose the type of pants

Knowing the importance of material, the next step is the choice of version. Only a good version can make a good figure. It should be noted here that many people buy it and wear it three or five times before leaving it unused, saying that it is nothing new. It's okay to see how others dress, but it's another matter to wear it on yourself. If you want me to say if you are fatter, if not, it means that you have not chosen the right version.

The waist of the trousers should be slightly loose, and the looseness can just make the waist of the trousers hang on the hip bone. This is the effect that the pants should be worn. Not only that, but such pants are more comfortable to wear because they leave room for you when you sit down.

tips1: corduroy "period pants"

As the temperature drops, corduroy trousers also become popular, so why are these trousers so popular? This is of course inseparable from its warmth retention. Feel the corduroy wide-leg pants difficult to control? Don't worry, in addition to the wide-leg corduroy pants, the straight and crisp styles are also very friendly. Especially this red model, the upper body is really thin and cover the flesh, what do you think? In winter, choose an inner knit sweater to match it together, which will keep you warm and look thin and not bloated.

tips2: Nine points of "period pants"

There are many types of cropped trousers, straight, tapered, wide-legged, or slim. Relatively speaking, self-cultivation is not common, after all, our inner model is thicker in winter. Many people prefer loose pants, which are more inclusive. But if we want a neat and advanced style, we can also choose this slim cropped trousers.

The perfect way to match slim-fit nine-point red pants is to match them with pointed short boots. Pointed short boots with the charm of a mature woman, more restrained atmosphere. Especially this kind of classic black short boots not only instantly enhance the aura, but also highlight the competence and fashion of women.

tips3: Little feet "period pants"

"Squat trousers" is a broad concept for everyone. This type of trousers is not a very tight-fitting style. It is generally designed with a wide top and a narrow bottom. Therefore, you can wear it with warm pants in winter to achieve the effect of slimming. The requirement to wear pants in winter is to choose more skinny pants! Therefore, red foot pants are essential!

The color of the red feet pants gives it a versatile function. When the cold winter encounters bright red pants and a variety of items, it can be easily held, but this kind of pants is just the beginning of wearing, and you should wear them this season. A distinctive effect.

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