Paris is indeed a fashion capital. The photos you take are all beautiful women, and the jackets are stylish and warm.

Paris is indeed a fashion capital. The photos you take are all beautiful women, and the jackets are stylish and warm.

When going out in winter, everyone has to wear a warm coat. It has nothing to do with fashion, but it is warm enough. Everyone is familiar with the styles of jackets. Winter jackets are cotton-padded jackets, velvet ones, thicker ones, and short ones. Because of the Internet, people in every country wear the same jacket styles.

It’s just that people in each country have their own aesthetics. They wear the same style of jackets, and the results are different. For example, a French woman is really romantic. Anybody who wears a jacket is tasteful.

The French outfits are more retro style and literary style. Most of them don't pursue a capable temperament, but they naturally show a sense of luxury. Paris is indeed a fashion capital. The photos you take are all beautiful women, and the jackets are fashionable and warm. This may be one of the reasons why Paris is called the fashion capital.

The most common French style to wear black jacket to share

Black coats know no borders, and people in any country wear them. Who wouldn't like the all-match black coat? In the French style, the black coat can show the literary and artistic temperament, and any set has retro elements in the temperament.

Even if you choose the most fashionable and active jeans, you must choose fat wide-leg pants to increase the artistic style, so that even if the tops are matched with cool patterns and young, it will not affect the high-level sense of the clothing. The color can be dark blue or sky blue with an old design. The retro style is obvious.

Through some small accessories, it also shows the French romantic effect of retro literature and art. The long black style with black bottoming socks is a way of wearing that many people have seen. If you do not add other accessories, then the clothing can The displayed effect belongs to a relatively handsome and capable style, which is actually quite ordinary.

After matching it with a fleece scarf, the temperament is completely different. Not to mention the high-level in an instant, it also shows a full of literary and artistic style, and the visual effect is also very gentle.

A white scarf with a knitted sweater has a similar effect, but it is more literary and retro.

The silhouette of the coat can actually show a stronger retro style, and random matching can show a full sense of atmosphere, even if you don't choose the retro style of matching, you can't hide the literary style. It's just that silhouette coats are rare, because the shortcomings are more obvious.

Originally, woolen coats are easy to look fat. After adding the silhouette design, the figure will become more bloated, and the pressure of your body will be much lower. There are only two advantages, wild and retro, so tall girls can still wear them.

Will black and black clothing also show a more literary and artistic temperament? As long as you wear a black sweater with a high collar, you can wear a black sweater or sweater with a high collar inside the black coat, and the effect between the clothes will not be monotonous.

However, you must not choose woolen fabric for your jacket. A reflective fabric is better. The pants for the lower body are also recommended with tight legs. The high-necked black sweater is enough for you to show the retro art style.

The brown coat is more retro and not too old

The black coat is indeed versatile, and there are many ways to match it. It’s just the retro temperament, or the brown coat is more obvious, whether it is a light brown lady style coat or a dark brown mature coat. .

Light brown coats will be more stylish with dark clothing, and reddish-brown scarves are quite advanced and generous. Young girls will look more calm when worn, while older women will not look old.


Dark brown and reddish brown coats are indeed more retro and more handsome than light brown coats, but they are easier to show old age. Then the style choice of matching clothes should not only wear retro styles, but also wear them. Certain age reduction effect.

Wide-leg pants such as light blue are a good choice, and the cool colors are also very handsome. You can also wear a thin knitted scarf to make your own aura more free and easy. If you want to be handsome, you can match it with a dark gray silk scarf. If you want to show the sense of literature and art, it is better to match it with a gray blue scarf.

Choose a short color coat

The temperament that the colorful coat can show is also full of literary style, such as dark green, dark blue and gray tones. The coats made of all the colors in the Morandi color series can show a certain retro Fan's.

However, when wearing a colorful coat, it is better to choose a short style. After all, the color is a more eye-catching color. The coat is too long to wear on the body and it is a bit exaggerated and too fashionable. A short coat with black trousers and a thick scarf make it easier to show the artistic style.

Compared with light-colored colored jackets, dark light-colored jackets can show a more handsome aura. Especially the cool dark green and dark blue are both refreshing and cool.

It is recommended to choose more literary and retro styles, such as wide-leg pants, long skirts, etc. Scarves and sweaters are also classic literary and advanced clothing.

If you want to wear a French style, you must have some small accessories. The first is the scarf. The dark scarf enhances the sense of luxury and is warm. The warm white scarf makes your aura more youthful and gentle. Effect.

In addition to scarves, silk scarves and retro hats, or woven bags, all have the effect of enhancing the literary and retro style.

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