Popular this autumn, "outer length and inner short" are really fashionable, making you 10 centimeters taller and 10 kilograms thinner

Popular this autumn, "outer length and inner short" are really fashionable, making you 10 centimeters taller and 10 kilograms thinner

As we all know, there are only a handful of versatile CPs that can truly be slim and tall, sometimes elegant and sometimes frivolous. With the ups and downs, the trend that was once set off in the fashion industry will be resurrected this autumn. , The outside is long and the inside is short, taking turns to occupy the streets, fashionable women have long been not only wearing and staring at the mix and match, if you want to easily and beautifully win the street style in the second half of the year, reading this may give your wardrobe some early autumn inspiration.

Throughout the big fashion shows, the outside is long and the inside is short, the traces of fashion that spread quickly, and the dual skills of combining classics and sloppy styles, quietly become the white moonlight in everyone's minds.

Long outside and short inside, why is it hot?

The advantages are high and the legs are long. The so-called short outer length and inner length are actually a smash hit in the past. The rule of wearing big and not small, and the lower body is missing. These two pandemic styles are perfectly integrated together, thus lengthening the visual proportion of the legs. , The high index instant Max.

Advantages Modified body proportions, strength is thin NO1, for pear-shaped or small girls, with the help of the powerful attribute of the oversized version to hide meat, submerge or expose a bit of the bottoms, which can be lazy and casual. Achieving a balance between being elegant and handsome, and being able to modify the proportions, he is definitely a thin man who deserves his name.

The advantages are rich and changeable, and any single product can be easily controlled. From the autumn and winter street shooting, you can see the jacket mix and match. It is not difficult to find the fashionable and highly sought after. The outer length is short and the combination is short. Jacket + inner wear, highlighting the rich and changeable fashion style, and the blessing of naked boots, cool and beautiful.

After taking inventory, the outer length is short and the inner length is short, this pair of trendy CP advantages, come and see how all the fashionable items you have, how to match it. Suits = elegant and straightforward. Among the many early autumn coats, suits have both elegant and sultry fashion aesthetics. They are definitely a well-deserved trend sister. Especially with the help of oversized suits, the outer length is short and the inside is short, and the rules are superior to simple, capable and sexy. Long legs can grow in seconds, and people can't help but hand in their wallets.

Especially for small people and pear-shaped figures, suits that are compatible with thinness and fashionable skills show the best proportion of dressing. Whether it is tops covering all bottoms, it also enriches the layering of inner styles. Mixing and matching a pair of beautiful shoes can be elegant The beautiful street style is unfolding.

If you want to add a bit of retro elegance to the overall look, like corduroy suits and woolen patterned suits with elegant and high-end fashion charm, mix and match short boots appearance and aura coexist, you can control the high intellectual style without any effort.

Other jackets, in addition to suit jackets, can burst the audience with the upper body, tooling jackets, and denim jackets, as this season’s new Internet celebrity items, it is also worth trying, like the tooling jacket to create a skirt. In the illusion, with the help of a belt or girdle to draw a small waist, how can you mix and match knee boots and Martin boots?

The denim jacket, as a casual age-reducing old Internet celebrity, is combined with the skirt group cp, or with shorts and daddy pants, making it more fashionable and aura.

Sweatshirt = Western style for age reduction. As a must-have item for early autumn, oversized sweaters that are compatible with lazy sexy and casual age reduction are the most fashionable and favored. They can be created as much as possible, and the lower part of the body is missing, which brings a slim look. Long legs can easily win this season's embarrassing period. perfect.

For the sisters who are still confused in the early autumn, the black logo sweater, a versatile item that can be easily obtained regardless of body shape and age, and the outer length and inner short, casual and unruly blended together, is the best weapon to go out of the street. .

If you want to add a bit more refreshing and big woman style to the whole, white or gray classic and durable temperament mix and match sneakers, you can unlock the intellectual and casual daily commuting style, and the oversized version can be used as a sweater dress. .

In addition to the solid colors, the color spliced sweater and short pleated skirt group cp, or directly mixed and matched skirts and nude boots, light and elegant, there is no lack of modern retro atmosphere, but also fashionable.

T-shirt = casual and handsome. The sisters in the south must be still getting summer clothes. A few hand-made styles like T-shirts are really unsteady without some care. If you want to stand out from the crowd with T-shirts, you might as well take this opportunity Damn, the outer length is short and the inner length is short, the trendy mix and match, easy to play with the lower part of the missing outfit, right?

Like the black logo style, it can fully demonstrate our dressing personality and attitude without any modification. When combined with the short bottom, it will help you create a look and feel whether it is fully covered or partially covered. A tall body with coexisting aura.

Like a white printed T-shirt, the oversized version can be directly on the upper body or cleverly reveal the corners of the trousers and the skirt, taking into account the comfort and refreshing and handsome and unruly fashion attributes, which can transform the T-shirt into street fashion in seconds.

Shirts = exquisite and feminine. As the saying goes, iron-clad shirts and flowing water trends, as standard items in the four seasons, the regular mix and match is too monotonous. It is better to combine the neat and simple shirts with the hot fashion world of this season, the foreign minister and the inner short. , The combination, the elegant and lazy temperament exuded from the inside, is the icing on the cake.

Trendy items such as work shirts and leather shirts, which are full of personality, are mixed with short bottoms to create a missing lower body, which greatly increases the femininity and looks cool, and the eye-catching index bursts.

The French waistband shirt can be described as a perfect product that occupies the right time and place. The white style is refreshing and soft. The edge of the shirt just covers the area above the thigh, and the high and long legs are instantly exposed.

The blue shirt with the same basic color is more casual and handsome. It is used to create the appearance of the outer length and the inner short. Wearing a skirt has no sense of disobedience.

Regular white shirts are directly mixed with shorts, which can not only avoid running out ingeniously, but also perfectly present the faintly sultry figure, which can be well controlled for daily commuting.

Knitwear is equal to lazy literature and art. Speaking of laziness and femininity, the finale of knitwear is indispensable in early autumn. It is compatible with appearance and wearability, and sets off the gentleness and exquisiteness of the whole person. If you want to be more beautiful than others , With the construction of the outer length and the inner length, the lower body is missing, and it can be the best style weapon in street photography.

Girls who don't usually wear an oversized version, don't have to worry about the missing of the lower body, they will automatically weaken the fullness of the upper body, cleverly cover the small belly, and a little retro romantic feeling, beautiful to the extreme.

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