Recently, there has been a popular way of dressing called "Wear long but not short". Look at the trendy fashion below, which looks thin and fashionable.

Recently, there has been a popular way of dressing called "Wear long but not short". Look at the trendy fashion below, which looks thin and fashionable.

When small girls buy clothes, they will habitually pay attention to whether it can show up. As one of the must-have items in autumn and winter like windbreakers, they dare not choose at all. Especially this year's windbreaker is popular for long styles. "Wear long but not short" has become the standard for the new generation of windbreakers. But don't worry about small girls, you look thin and tall when you wear them.

This year's popular windbreaker styles are relatively long, and some even reach around the ankle. In the choice of windbreakers, small girls will try their best to choose short styles, the purpose is to lengthen the legs and show the height. But the short coat is not only difficult to match, but also very tacky. It's better to try some of this long trench coat, which will look thin and fashionable after matching it. Want to know how to match it? Follow the editor and look down!

As a must-have jeans in the closet, with this long windbreaker jacket, it is rusty and A. Jeans are different from half-length skirt dresses. This kind of dress has a smoother line and the overall matching effect is more capable and neat. Use it to match with a long windbreaker, the overall lines are in a vertical trend, which can play a role in lengthening the body proportion visually, and naturally it will achieve the purpose of showing height. If it is not high enough, you can use a high-heeled shoe to further enhance the proportions. Like magic, the leg length is two meters eight in an instant.

In the choice of jeans, try to avoid choosing too loose styles. Because the long windbreaker itself will make people's center of gravity, visually moving up and down, if you pair it with a pair of wide-leg pants with wide trousers, the center of gravity will be lowered, which will only make people look short. Instead, you can choose straight-leg pants for a more neat and fashionable cut. Used to match a long windbreaker, it can neutralize the looser version of the windbreaker, and the wearing skills of loose outer and inner tight will make you look thinner.

Dress is a very feminine single product. Its types are relatively diverse, and there are many styles that can be used with long trench coats. The line of the dress is relatively smooth, which strengthens the feminine characteristics, and the unique charm of the figure can also be well highlighted. The windbreaker jacket is also a more masculine single product that weakens the presence of women. Combining the two together, the dress can neutralize the masculine characteristics of the windbreaker, revealing a hint of femininity in its handsomeness, and it is unique.

The fabric material of the dress can be selected in a wide range, and it is very suitable for matching with a long windbreaker. Chiffon dresses can be selected for a good drape, light and elegant, and the combination of the two can enhance the advantages of women's figure. For office commuters, you can choose an umbrella-shaped A-shaped dress with a lace-up windbreaker, which can highlight the slim waistline and the hip-to-waist ratio can be further optimized.

The mopping pants are actually a Plus upgrade version of the wide-leg pants, which are more fashionable and refined than the wide-leg pants. The version of wide-leg pants is inevitably too loose, but the roll tube design of the mopping pants is based on the original wide-leg pants, and the design of the version has been reduced. Not as loose as wide-leg pants, and the cut of the calf is more able to modify and cover the flesh. It is precisely because it is not particularly loose, so even if it is matched with a long trench coat, it will not be too cumbersome but very fashionable.

The windbreaker feels more vigorous and resolute, and the mopping pants are long to the length of the mopping, and the feeling is relatively neat. Both of these should be regarded as representatives of women in the workplace. But when choosing mopping pants, don't use flat shoes to match it. Obviously, the casual and simple style is not particularly suitable. You can choose some high-heeled shoes that have a more workplace atmosphere, and your temperament is immediately improved. The above is the editor's summary of the long windbreakers that are popular this year. As little fairies, we should keep up with the trend, and we can look taller and thinner with clever matching.

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