Retro corduroy is back again. Coats and suits can be used. It is elegant and fashionable.

Retro corduroy is back again. Coats and suits can be used. It is elegant and fashionable.

In the autumn and winter seasons, thin clothing can no longer meet our needs for keeping warm, so many people will use some thicker fabrics for warmth, such as suede, which is a very common autumn and winter fabric. Suede is just a general term. In fact, it is divided into many categories, such as golden velvet, lamb cashmere, etc. These suedes have different temperaments, so the suitable people will be different.

Corduroy is also a kind of suede. Corduroy has become very popular in recent years. Many women like to use corduroy clothing to match themselves.

Retro corduroy has returned to the trend again. Both coats and suits can be used. It is fashionable to wear it delicately and elegantly. Corduroy is a must-have for autumn and winter. Urban beauties are wearing it. Have you gotten fashionable and versatile?

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â‘ What is corduroy?

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What is corduroy?

Corduroy is a fabric with vertical piles formed on the surface, mainly cotton. Corduroy, as its name implies, is the velvet strips like a rush core, so it gets its name. Corduroy has very good warmth retention and is thick in texture. It is very good for clothing and can keep out the cold. Corduroy is also called corduroy, corduroy, and wading.

Single product recommendation for corduroy clothing


Corduroy shirt

Corduroy shirts are not common in daily life, so they will give people a very novel and fashionable feeling. Corduroy shirts have the intellectuality of shirts and the retro style of corduroy, and they are also very fashionable.

Corduroy shirts are more suitable for daily life than ordinary shirts, so it is very good to match yourself with corduroy shirts in daily life.

Corduroy coat

Corduroy coats can be said to be synonymous with elegance. Corduroy coats are heavier than ordinary coats, but they don't feel bloated and show elegant charm.

Corduroy coats are more common in camel, beige, etc., such colors are softer than black, white and gray, and will not give people too strong a sense of oppression.

Corduroy suit

Corduroy suits are going to look more retro. Corduroy suits can not only show a strong aura, but also perfectly show the sense of retro elegance.

Corduroy suits have a lot of color matching, but generally speaking, black and camel are more, because these two colors belong to the dark series, and they are more versatile.


Corduroy trousers

In addition to tops, corduroy bottoms are also popular among female friends. Among the corduroy bottoms, trousers are more common, and skirts are not very common.

Corduroy trousers are also divided into trousers and shorts. The trousers are relatively warmer, and the modification of the leg shape is also obvious, because most of the corduroy trousers are wide-leg trousers.

But when choosing corduroy trousers, try to choose some dark styles, such as camel, khaki, etc., because these colors can reduce the bloated feeling of corduroy because of its heavy weight.

Corduroy shorts

If the legs are relatively straight, you can use corduroy shorts to match yourself. Corduroy shorts and boots can perfectly show the long legs.

Corduroy shorts do not have so many restrictions on the color. Both dark and light colors are very good. If you choose white corduroy shorts, it will give people an elegant feeling.

The trend of corduroy clothing

Corduroy suit + jeans

Corduroy suits are very good when paired with jeans in daily life. The casual and casual style of jeans paired with the retro elegance of corduroy suits is also very delicate.

Choose an ordinary simple jeans for jeans, try not to have too many designs on it, otherwise it is easy to destroy the elegance and exquisiteness of the overall shape.

Corduroy coat + jeans

Corduroy coats can also be matched with jeans. Such a match is also very elegant. Women with temperament should really wear it like this.

The camel corduroy coat is paired with simple blue jeans. The color is very retro. The jeans are a very good choice whether they are tight-fitting or loose-fitting.

Corduroy jacket + leather pants

If you want to look handsome, the combination of corduroy jackets and leather pants is still very good. Both corduroy jackets and leather pants will give people a sense of handsomeness, and the combination of the two will make you feel more handsome.

But these two items are not all-match models, so try to choose the same color system when matching, otherwise it will look a little fancy and the temperament will not be well displayed.

I don’t know if you have learned how to match corduroy clothing? In the cold autumn and winter season, wearing corduroy clothing is really very warm, come and get one.

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