Several ways to wear straight trousers, you can easily have long legs and enjoy it, and you can truly combine advanced, straightforward, lazy, and handsome.

Several ways to wear straight trousers, you can easily have long legs and enjoy it, and you can truly combine advanced, straightforward, lazy, and handsome.

When it comes to classic items that are most frequently worn in autumn and winter, it must be a minimalist warm sweater that is the most chic, especially when combined with straight-leg pants, it can be called the universal signature of the fashion circle. It is not picky. It doesn't care about various occasions. It is easy to have long legs and to enjoy it, and it can truly combine high-level, straightforward, lazy, and handsome.

After the genderless wind hit, trousers have become the most popular trendy weapon nowadays. Among them, straight pants have become popular among hipsters by virtue of their own advantages, such as hiding thick legs and correcting uneven legs. They use them to combine sweaters. One set of lazy, unruly, relaxed and charming winter atmosphere is enough. Next, I recommend these groups of conventional methods to take a look together~

Sweater + straight black pants

Straight black trousers have always been recognized as a weapon for slimming. The straight version and the black line are sufficiently tolerant. 1+1 is greater than 2 king-explosive attributes can be pinched. Use them to match sweaters. Both fat and thin can control the demeanor and temperature coexistence. The fashionable charm of the light can help you to get rid of passers-by.

The straight black trousers with the ability to cut bloat and reduce swelling can not only perfectly hide the long trousers, but also the legging defects of leggings, and the heavy lamb coats and woolen suits can also be cleverly modified and balanced.

Wearing a suit jacket is minimalist and gentle without losing a sense of everyday fashion. It can also be described as blasting the audience every minute, while the 9-point pants length + short boots help the whole body, even if the ankles are not exposed, it can double the appearance and high warmth.

If you want to be more handsome and free, use sweaters + straight black pants to create a complete set of visuals. The unique charm of harmony, simplicity and grandeur can be advanced to explosion without deliberately.

If tight-fitting sweaters are good at making interiors, then lazy and reckless silhouette sweaters are more likely to break the ordinary and basics of conventional single products, and become the most popular routine with the little black pants group CP.

If you want to look more layered regardless of whether you wear it alone or stacked, the colorful striped sweater is undoubtedly the best partner CP for the little black trousers, retro and full of heroism.

Gray is used as the home match color in 2021, and the cool and elegant atmosphere of gray sweater + straight black pants is instantly shown. There are all daily casual commuting with sports shoes.

The extremely gentle chic sweater not only has room for all-match, but also the slackness is also quite seductive. Paired with straight black pants, the slender, tall and elegant dressing feel is a demonstration of perfect winter.

It's timeless to wear, it can not only show the ultra-high waist and body ratio, but also create a casual and unruly street style.

Recently, it is very popular to wear Japanese style, tight sweater + straight black pants, even if you stack long coats, it is not too cumbersome to wear and casual, you can also commute elegantly in the retro style.

Sweater + straight jeans

In the trendy crowd, there are jeans with a high rate of appearance. They are absolutely suitable for all seasons. Wear them with sweaters. The unique charm of daily commuting is even more explosive.

Generally speaking, the most common style to wear is the simple and basic style, and white sweater + denim straight pants can not only be easy and stable in terms of texture, but also the light and white actual wearing temperament helps you to look thin and expensive while retaining the temperature and grace.

Loose straight-leg pants make the shape cut smooth and long straight, the line-like dressing charm and solid-color sweater do not need to be decorated deliberately, and the simple atmosphere is the most eye-catching.

In the winter, use the CP sweater + straight jeans group, and then layer the dark coat. The free and unconventional street style style can also wear Yum!

If you want a more textured winter look, the camel or milk tea color with advanced attributes can not only give you double lazy chic, but the sweater + jeans can help you become "extremely beautiful and content" in an instant.

In the northern winter, if you want to take the lead in keeping warm and demeanor, lamb wool coat + sweater + straight jeans are the best CP. The British accent of casual lady and man coexist can help us stand out from the crowd.

Big sweater + straight wide-leg pants

Although the momentum of wide-leg pants is not as good as before, loose straight-leg pants are once again a trend. As the best choice to show the personality style in the four seasons, they are teamed up with sweaters to group CP, inadvertently lazy and casual is the most pleasing to the eye.

Especially the white loose straight-leg pants that are popular among trendy people, the universal attributes of elegant girls can even show the gentle femininity in complete sets.

Want to add a bit of neutral charm to it, and the bright color sweater group CP, it is suitable for static and dynamic, and can hold the high-end bottom line in the winter between simplicity and complexity.

Especially white loose straight-leg pants with light attributes, matched with a variety of thick sweaters and long coats, etc., you can easily release the gentle and aura of Style.

Wearing greasy white straight-leg pants, now the combination of oatmeal high-waisted pants and sweaters is also a combination of extra-color CP, elegant and decent without losing the literary and retro style, even the upper body of the down jacket will be a bit pleasing to the eye.

If you are a fan of genderless and feminine styles, the brown loose-fitting straight-leg pants and the close-color large sweater group CP, as a whole, have a warm, handsome and fashionable style, and you can walk with the wind A to turn the audience.

Brown trousers and gray trousers are basic models with eyes closed for any figure, rich high-end autumn and winter atmosphere, regardless of whether they are worn in sets or matched with basic sweaters, they can be very handsome in minutes.

Sweater + Straight Check Pants

The retro style hits and the momentum is indefinitely postponed, which makes the plaid pants jump from the basic model to the trendy appearance standard, age-reducing casual and full of accent.

It can look very good with all kinds of sweater group CP.

The straight version helps, and the aura index instantly increases. Even if you wear flat shoes, your legs are super slender. Simple matching with the basic model is subtle and gentle. It is another style when hitting sweaters + shirts.

Plaid straight-leg trousers with looser vision, breaking traditional conventions to bring more cool British style to the look. They are gentle and handsome with street chic.


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Not only do the sentences not make any sense at all, how about learning what ‘straight’ legged trousers actually are…??


You really need to have someone edit your post for your use of English….this is not even close to being readable!!! Love the photos though.

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