"Showing socks" is undoubtedly the most in trendy way of playing in the winter of 2021

"Showing socks" is undoubtedly the most in trendy way of playing in the winter of 2021

In the winter, you want to wear a warm and elegant style, look thin and tall and interesting, obviously you can’t hold it with your ankles. After the competition, "wear socks with exposed socks" is undoubtedly the most fashionable way to play in the winter of 2021. It seems that the basics are actually different. There are mysteries, especially with a few pairs of classic high-level "shoes and boots with CP, which not only keeps warm and rusty and foreign, but also can help you easily get rid of the suspicion of bad streets and travel through high-end warmth. between.

Martin boots + socks

As a popular item with a high rate of appearance in the winter, the retro British accent of Martin boots is easy to control any style. The versatile and practical attributes of not picking the figure also make many current trendy people love it.


In addition to the conventional high-top 8-hole design, the low-top can still wear a very casual street style, especially when it is used with socks to look thin, tall and extremely rich in styling power.

Neutral Martin boots are not easy to choose too fancy socks, but the classic black durable atmosphere can be pieced together to achieve a variety of fashion power.

If you want to play cool everyday, use 9-point trousers and Martin boots CP, even girls with thick ankles can fully extend the leg line with the excellent thinness of "black socks".



Sports shoes + socks

No matter how the trend changes, sports shoes are always a magic weapon that easily interprets a variety of styles. The free and easy fashion attributes with unique comfort and strength use it to create "show socks" that are the best match to wear.


If you want to create a durable winter look, in addition to the classic "black, gray and white" socks you often wear, the romantic and gentle Morandi tones can also help you stand out from the crowd. Wearing a half skirt or casual pants can be effortless Interpret easy chic

Like black coat + 9-point pants + sports shoes + socks, the daily commuting collocation routine can not only perfectly interpret Effortless chic, but also make you look capitalized and expensive.

After the winter, if you want the temperature and grace to coexist, the trousers with feet + white shoes can effectively enhance the overall lightness and casualness, and the "slightly exposed" layering power of the inner socks or bottoming socks can easily create "high and thin"

The little black trousers appear thin in autumn and winter instantly, but if you want to wear the basic model out of N kinds of cool atmosphere, then use sneakers + socks to help, simple and boring, rich and unassuming winter style and A slay !


Loafers + socks

"Loafers" have become the finalists since the retro wind blows. The unique charm of classic and high-level wear can not only easily interpret the daily casual commuting, but also combine it with the socks group CP's harmonious and warm style. Help you stand out from the crowd in minutes.

Like this kind of "real wear routine" that preserves temperature and takes care of demeanor, even the upper body of cropped trousers can avoid the embarrassment of exposing ankles. It is extremely straightforward and extremely rich and balanced. Who wears it looks good.

Sweaters + straight-leg pants have always been a high-value CP that turns heads. After winter, using "shoes and socks in the same color" to decorate the whole can fully expose the slimness of the ankle, and then achieve a doubled appearance of thinness and height.

As a must-have to create French high-end style, the lazy classic fashion of loafers and any single product can smoothly eliminate the heavy shape. The handsomeness of black socks and the refreshingness of white socks will help you easily play autumn and winter art and cool A .


The French attributes of the white socks are seductive and romantic even if they are put on the spring and autumn collocation skirts.


Like the loafers, the lace-up Oxford shoes and sock group CP, which have a retro British accent, can also be matched with an extremely minimalist and warm charming style.

Granny shoes + socks

To say that the peak value of flat shoes is definitely "grandma shoes", although the subtle elegance of grandma's shoes and the casualness of socks, seemingly different in style attributes, the combined effect is surprisingly fashionable.

In winter, you want to wear it with a short jacket + cropped trousers. The unique attributes of socks are both handsome and romantic.

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