Sisters! Don't worry about Martin boots not wearing wonderfully, try to wear them with bare legs, the effect is good

Sisters! Don't worry about Martin boots not wearing wonderfully, try to wear them with bare legs, the effect is good

My friends know that I have written a lot of articles on the theme of "Martin boots". Among them, there are comparisons between Martin boots and other shoes, about what style it can create, and about it and other items. Collocation.

But it rarely introduces how to wear Martin boots is absolutely beautiful and absolutely wonderful, but today I will make an exception and introduce the best way to wear a Martin boots.

Ever since I watched the bloggers wearing Martin boots with bare legs, I have been completely obsessed with it. After my own practice, I think it is worth learning and learning from.

First of all, the way of dressing with exposed legs is the most colorful way of dressing in the current season. The upper body keeps warm and the lower body shows the figure. It is simple and fashionable. The cross-season single product is very fashionable and dazzling.

The cross-season dressing method will not only make you a successful little hot girl, but also allow you to show your best body advantages without exposing the disadvantages of your body, especially suitable for street wear!

Good-looking girls can choose tight-fitting long-sleeved + shorts/skirts + Martin boots, and bad-looking girls can choose windbreakers + short tops + high-waisted skirts + Martin boots. , Versatile and exquisite.

Secondly, the way of dressing with exposed legs + Martin boots can also increase the overall sense of layering. For girls who tend to become dull and lack energy when dressing, be sure to try it.

Another point is that you can prove to others that you have a good figure. This is mainly for young ladies who like loose and fat items. Loose and fat tops cannot be a condition that restricts your beauty. This is something that all girls who like hip-hop must understand.

If your dressing style is biased towards hot girls and royal sisters, you can choose a skirt + Martin boots, but if your dressing style is biased towards literary and lady styles, you can choose shorts + Martin boots.

Of course, the template for reference is not set in stone. For young ladies who want more personality, you can also put floral short skirts and five-point knight pants into your wardrobe. A suit skirt can make you a career, and a denim skirt can make you Be young.

But there is one thing you need to pay attention to. Not all the bottoms with exposed legs and Martin boots meet the requirements. The first thing that does not meet the requirements is that the body is too long. Only the style with the length of the knee and the Martin boots are the best. .

The second thing that does not meet the requirements is that the bottoms are too summery. For items with exposed legs like sky blue denim shorts, it is not recommended to choose them. The colors are far less anti-seasonal than the styles.

If you find it troublesome, you can also choose a short dress to match it directly. Don’t worry about the wrong choice of the single product color or the wrong style of the single product. It is the most recommended choice for ladies in the fast-paced era. of.

In order to ensure that the combination of exposed legs and Martin boots does not go wrong, the style of the dress should also meet the requirements of not knee-high and not representative of the season.

Finally, Martin boots + exposed legs can let you say goodbye to monotony and boring in all directions, and in terms of style, it can keep you absolutely stunning.

One is because you can make the style between a single product and Martin boots form an opposition, use the difference between the two to lift people's appetite, and easily earn enough return rate. Second, because the Martin boots on the market follow the beautiful route, there are many items that can be matched with them.

The fresh floral skirt can be matched with Martin boots, and the overall pure desire effect is gratifying. The plaid dress can be matched with Martin boots, and the overall ascetic literary style is very gentle and scum-like.

In addition to these two, you can also choose dresses with girly elements to match with it. Lace and lotus lace can be tried. For more feminine, ice silk and velvet fabric dresses can also be tried. .

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