Surprise Changes in Womenswear Patterns in 2022

Surprise Changes in Womenswear Patterns in 2022

The innovation is touching. Once those traditional patterns are touched by the hands of magical design, they immediately radiate radiance. From the familiar and fresh checkerboard pattern to ocean-inspired prints, alternative trends are emerging. Consumers are constantly looking for clothing that can be worn for several seasons with a strong personality, and prints are becoming rich, soulful and beautiful.

01. Artistic brushstrokes

Art and fashion continue to merge this season as designers continue to inject fun and creativity into clothing. More sophisticated DIY designs are in vogue. Simple tones, restrained brush strokes, hand-painted look.

02. Marine elements

As the deep-sea trend is trending, designers are ditching classic leopard and zebra prints in favor of underwater-inspired patterns such as sea slugs, sea urchins, fish and coral in bold designs and fluorescent tones. Create social media engaging content to enhance your visual impact.

03. Gardening boom

As consumers invest more time and money in natural time, horticultural craze printing will also become more and more popular. From mushroom patterns to pastoral flowers, rustic elements are the key to creating an outdoor style, which can be called practical items. Ideal for eco-friendly, eco-friendly printing processes such as water-based inks instead of thermoset inks, natural dyes, digitally printed fabrics.

04. Digital Fantasy

It goes without saying that both online life and the metaverse are influencing the thinking of brands and designers. In line with this trend, digital filters reinvigorate prints and patterns. Pixelated florals and checks make the style more wearable.

05. Flower embossing

Many people are tired of the feeling of being called a local tyrant in passive advertising wearing other people's logos. The brand name design has returned after the epidemic but has also made major adjustments. Various collections use monogram prints, which are more understated than the brand logo. Monograms and other geometric symbols make business branding more dynamic.

06. Pop punk

Re-enable punk elements and grungy rock elements to attract a new generation of consumers, using the personality and rebellion of young people, from abstract sketches, to graffiti-style art and oversized letters, these partial prints upgrade the basic models, adding youthful elements to them . With Scottish checkered, it emphasizes the punk feeling.

07. Checkerboard pattern
Fashion inspires youth, because fashion is always innovating. The classic black and white checkerboard pattern is a generational hit, and other colorways will continue to trend on social media as well. Tiktok and Instagram nerds lead the checkerboard trend, with clever color combinations like washes and waxes paired with neutrals, making the pattern mainstream.

08. Preppy Stripes

Stripes are a year-round darling unaffected by the seasons, and are now refreshed in muted color combinations as well. Even without the use of vibrant shades, it can still be very eye-catching. The classic vertical stripes fit the retro preppy style. Combining the mid-tone powder wax color and adding dark red tones, it reflects the feeling of light retro.


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