Ten popular colors for autumn and winter of 2021, unlock more ways to wear

Ten popular colors for autumn and winter of 2021, unlock more ways to wear

This article lets us take a look at the top ten popular colors of 2021 autumn and winter that are full of vitality, which provides more possibilities for our clothes and life!

1. Bee green

In the lonely autumn and winter season, the natural and immortal bee green is full of hope and vigorous vitality, adding color to the deserted season.

This year's popular bee green is between emerald green and dark green. It is a low-key bright color with a sense of healing that makes people "full of blood and resurrection", and it is also a rich green with great vitality.

Bright and unassuming, so it can unlock unlimited possibilities in collocation.

Collision and interweaving with other colors can always inject color vitality into the boundless earth. If you are bold, you can choose a bright yellow tone, and if you are a low-key, you can choose a calm brown tone.

If you feel that a large area of green is too ostentatious, you might as well start with accessories embellishment.

Leather bags, shoes, scarves, etc., add highlights to the styling, which is easy to control without being fancy, and can also enhance the overall spirit and fashion.

2. Creamy Tomato Brown

Cream and tomato are the names of "creamy tomato brown" commonly used in western food, as if they are enjoying the deliciousness and life.

The creamy tomato brown is a buttery brown with a warm orange hue. It has a feeling of the afterglow of the setting sun, warm but not scorching.

With its own warm properties, it is very suitable as a soft and waxy sweater to wear next to the body, giving the body warmth of the body and mind, or a thick woolen coat to resist the cold wind.

The color that best matches with it is brown, whether it is the upper body or the lower body, it is eye-catching and unassuming everyday wear.

3. Ibiza Blue

Ibiza Blue is a disturbing island blue hue, with the deep and quiet color of the ocean, which reminds people of the joyful time of going on vacation, and carries people's expectations for free PARTY and travel.

As one of the most popular colors to control this season, Ibiza Blue is very white and expensive to wear in autumn and winter. In addition to wearing a large area without pressure, mixing and matching with other popular colors is also easy to come by.

It can also remind us to learn to calm down in situations of anxiety.

4. Bright yellow

Seeing this color, do you feel moved? It is bright and moving~ It appears brisk, lively, and optimistic. This kind of suddenly enlightened state of mind is exactly what we expect.

It adds a strong spring and summer flavor to the autumn of 2021 with its own strong sense of color.

Pants, coats, sweaters, any single product can be painted with this happy color, and continue to shine in winter

5. Chateau Red

How can there be no red embellishment in the bleak autumn and winter seasons? Chateau red is tolerant of loneliness and has a noble temperament that has been finely polished over time, just like red wine is mellow and worthy of savoring.

Chateau Red has a solemn autumn and winter atmosphere, showing a low-key luxury beauty, highlighting different taste and demeanor.

It also sets off the complexion very well, whether it is yellow or white skin, you can wear it close to the face.

Color is very important for the matching of clothes, but there are also some single products, one color can kill all in seconds, here is the renewal of this year's autumn and winter popular colors, let's take a look.

6. Tender pink

Gentle and tender pink is believed to be a color that many girls can't refuse, full of girlishness. The tender pink, which is just right, is a sweet color like a dream, which makes people full of romantic fantasies about the future life.

This kind of light pink is not overly cute, but at the same time it has an elegant and feminine taste. It is easy to give people a very close, but full of temperament feeling.

7.Urban brown

In the popular colors of autumn and winter, the classic earth tones are never absent, especially when there are too many bright colors, they happen to be needed to balance with them.

As a must-have all-match color system for autumn and winter, the simpler the matching of brown items, the more fashionable.

And no matter what kind of single product or fabric you use this temperament color on, you can make your style full of high-level sense, "it looks very expensive."

8. Hemerocallis Yellow

The serene and elegant daylily yellow is less ostentatious than lemon yellow, and more lively than sunset orange. Add a bit of Hemerocallis yellow to the basic color system of a large area to make the clothes more mellow.

It is very suitable for matching with warm colors, even if it is made of leather, it will not give people a cold visual touch.

9. Clear sky blue

Clear sky blue is easy to think of the tolerance of the sea and the purity of glass. Women are as soft as water and upright as glass without any scheming. I really love it!

The effect of putting it in the shop is more reminiscent of freedom and hope. No matter where it is placed, this color can give people a sense of tranquility, just like vacationing at the seaside.

10. Alert red

"Alarm Red" and its name are generally very eye-catching, and have a very strong visual impact.

It is difficult to change its temperament by other colors, and we only need to be confident to be ourselves when wearing it, and to bless ourselves with confidence and strength.

If you want to wear the alarm red more everyday, it is better to make it appear in decorative color. The small area of the alarm red not only lights up the shape, but also expresses the attitude of not accepting the beak.

After watching these popular color schemes of 2021, can you not cover your wallet? You can first look at the popular colors in your wardrobe and match the items together!


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