The 4 most popular coats this winter, how many do you have?

The 4 most popular coats this winter, how many do you have?

After the winter is inseparable from the company of thick coats, what kinds of coats can make us fashionable and warm in the cold season, and keep warm and look thin? The 4 hot jackets introduced by the author today are definitely worthy of your possession, let’s take a look at them together——

long coat

The long coat is definitely the classic coat that is most loved and sought after by the world, allowing you to have both style and temperature, and coexistence of temperament and aura.

The long coat comes with a natural sense of high quality, simple matching can fully show the elegant temperament and good taste, making your winter wear "looks very expensive".

There are many versions of long coats, but I always recommend you to choose this H-shaped tailoring version, which is not only the most tolerant for the figure, but the longitudinally elongated design can visually make you look taller and slimmer. , And more upright.

Who said that little stars are destined to miss the long coat? You can start with this kind of bathrobe coat with lace design,

By improving the waistline to optimize the proportion of the figure, you can immediately create an excellent display height effect, without losing the elegance and femininity.

There are many texture fabrics for long coats, and the most worthwhile investment is this minimalist and extremely expensive double-sided woolen coat.

The double-sided woolen long coat not only keeps you warm, but also makes you look light and elegant. It is full of temperament in every gesture, and it will never be outdated for a lifetime.

The black long coat is undoubtedly the most skinny and versatile wardrobe essential item, and it can be used casually with full charm.

The white long coat has also been sought after by the temperament in the past two years. It is gentle and romantic.

The camel long coat is also recognized as the "classic among the classics", with versatile temperament and can best create a full autumn and winter atmosphere.

If you are worried that the camel coat is not friendly enough to the yellow star people, then you may wish to start with this less saturated milk tea coat, which will be more gentle and whiter.

With the coming of various festivals at the end of the year, you can also get some more beautiful and eye-catching colorful coats.

It can also help you stand out from the crowd, and become a landscape of its own in the dull season.

Lamb wool coat

The warm and cute lamb down jacket is definitely the hottest popular role this winter, warmer than coats, and far more fashionable than down jackets.

This coat is made from the lamb hair cut from the sheep for the first time. Not only can it give you the warmest and caring care, but the curled fluff feels extremely age-reducing, playful, fashionable and eye-catching.

For a little girl, just close her eyes and start with a short lamb velvet coat, which is warm and cute and can easily lengthen the proportions of the legs.

The mid-length lamb velvet jacket is the least picky must-have. It has both warmth and practicality, and the upper body is not easy to be bloated.

In fact, most sisters are able to choose the right type of long and wide lambswool coat. Like long coats, the H-shaped slim fit is preferred. The narrow and long design can effectively lengthen our visual vertical body shape, which can be avoided. Wear thick and slender body shape.

There are actually many color styles of lamb velvet jackets, but it is not difficult to find that the most popular one is the most classic and the most autumn and winter atmosphere of the earth color system from the fashionable outfits.

For daily wear, you only need to use earth-toned lamb velvet jacket to match jeans to look good, retro modern interpretation of effortless easy chic.

Lamb wool coat + cropped trousers + short boots = winter standard CP, especially when paired with the most popular Martin boots nowadays, the handsome index has soared, and there are styles and styles in capitals.

The lamb velvet jacket itself is relatively large, so the lower body is better to match with slim pants such as black pants, cigarette trousers, etc. The combination of upper and lower tights is more lean and neat.

Fur coat

The fur coat is also the winter's most sturdy shape tool loved by hipsters, which will keep warm and handsome to the end.



The iconic leather fabric is crisp and stylish, not only can effectively resist the cold winter wind, but also highlight the handsome style, and it is also warm and fashionable.

The fur coat itself is the existence of turning heads, so the lower body usually only needs to be matched with the simplest basic style to show the unruly chic style.

Like a fur coat + little black pants + little black boots, it is definitely a well-deserved combination of winter kings.

Not only is the handsome index bursting, but it can also let you achieve the goal of 10cm tall and 10 catties thinner visually in minutes.

Pairing with jeans is also very fanciful, bringing modern and elegant retro street style.

The fur coat can also collide with the fairy skirt to produce quite stunning fashionable sparks.

The combination of rigidity and softness, rustling and flirting, perfectly interprets the super-hot charm and handsome style of the past two years.


 Short down jacket

Although the fashionableness of down jackets may not be as good as other high-value coats, it is always irreplaceable in terms of warmth retention. Fortunately, in the past two years, under the ingenuity of the designers, the fashionableness of down jackets has gradually been upgraded, with unique style charm.

Generally speaking. Down jackets follow the fashion trend of "shorter, more fashionable"-it can not only avoid bloated and heavy shapes, but also highlight the high waistline, so as to wear a good body proportion.

When choosing a down jacket, you must start with this "wide quilting" design, which can significantly enhance the fashionableness of the down jacket.

In terms of color, you don’t need to stick to the basic style at all. You can boldly try more colorful or color-blocking design down jackets, which can often make your style more outstanding.

When matching down jackets, it is usually recommended to choose high-waisted bottoms for the lower body, to further emphasize the high-waist line, which will make you look lighter and taller.

Short down jackets can also achieve multiple possibilities in matching, whether it is with the trousers group CP,

Or mix and match fairy skirts, which can create a sense of fashion and atmosphere.

However, because the down jacket itself is enough to have a sense of existence, it should be simple in matching. Generally speaking, the overall styling only needs to emphasize one bright spot, so that the primary and secondary are clearly complex and simple, and the fashionable and eye-catching is just right.

In addition, the customary heaviness of down jackets can also be diluted with the same color system. The unified coordination of the color systems can not only create a sense of high-level, but also can visually stretch the body vertically, which is absolutely thin and fashionable. Up!



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