The 8 fashion trends of 2021 autumn and winter are so beautiful!

The 8 fashion trends of 2021 autumn and winter are so beautiful!

in autumn,

Someone feels sad,

Fallen leaves are flying, the vegetation is withered.

Some people feel relaxed,

Sunny and blue, and the evening breeze is cool,

The dead leaves that fell in a whirl,

I have some scenery.

Suddenly the beginning of autumn,

The changing of seasons, the changing of fashion,

Going around, came as scheduled.

8 popular trends in autumn and winter, easily integrated into daily life,

Keeping it trendy is simple.


Red brick

A sign of the arrival of autumn,

Not only the beginning of autumn and the autumnal equinox marked on the calendar.

There are also seasonal colors that are unique to each season.

In autumn and winter,

The wild color in my heart is the earth color,

Milky white, milky apricot, earthy brown...

It’s a premium color for the cold season,

But this year there is one more color that is not commonly used,

Red brick color.


The red brick color has a darker hue,

So it looks whiter than ordinary coffee,

The popularity is very good.

Wear soft warm colors on the body,

As if smelling the fragrance of autumn sweet-scented osmanthus,

Give us inexplicable warmth and comfort.
The red brick color is a color that has been ignored.

In fact, it is very simple to match,

It matches the existing earth color and colorless system of the wardrobe,

Dignified and very temperamental.

Or start with some small accessories,

Bring a stable autumn and winter feeling to the overall wear.

Partial hollow element

Partial hollowing is a popular design in spring and summer.

Continued to the autumn and winter show.

The hollow parts of this season are mainly concentrated in

Shoulders, waist, and wrists,

Such as knitting, suits, shirts, etc.,

Give aura to the heavy autumn and winter items,
The cutting process,

As long as it is not overly confessed,

Can achieve a strong wearing effect.

Both sexy and restrained,

Most suitable to describe hollow elements,

Still holding the pipa half-hidden face,

In line with the fashion style of oriental women,

Create the unique beauty of clothing.

Shirring design

For clothing, folds

Like secondary cropping,

Inadvertently change the original form of clothing.

A little bit of design,

Just add luster to daily wear.

Plain dress,

Add a sense of hierarchy through folds,

Beautiful lines, full of femininity.
Add pleating process to the cuffs and waist,

Whether it’s a drawstring or elastic folds,

Can reflect the exquisite fashion atmosphere.

Choose draped fabrics,

The shirring will be more natural and the shape will be more neat,

It has the function of lightly reducing age and modifying the waist.

Logo full printing

In the fashion industry this spring and summer,

Covered by fresh and full plant printing elements,

In autumn and winter, printing elements are still hot.

Fashion is always the first to reflect seasonal changes,

Therefore, the autumn and winter prints are no longer dominated by plants.

Turn to various logos and geometric patterns.
The full version of the Logo is bold and unrestrained,

Both dark and light colors are trendy,

However, the full version of the Logo is extremely time-efficient.

It's easily obsolete.


Geometric printing is more classic and durable,

Known as "presbyopia" in many first-line luxury brands,

Whether it’s shirts, shoes, bags,

Geometry is full of Indians, and there are many high-end foreign styles.

Same color suit

In the past two years,

The popularity of various suits has not faded.

Shirt + shorts, suit + trousers,

Even suits + vests, full-body sportswear,

Both are the first choice for fashionistas.


If the suit is to be worn harmoniously,

Except for the same fabric, the same color series,

Version is very important.

Whether it’s casual sportswear or suits,

The elastic combination is more fashionable.

Slim vest + oversized coat

Tight inside and loose outside,

Not too formal or rigid.

Slim knit + wide-leg pants, straight-leg pants,

The top is tight and the bottom is loose, and the wear is more textured.

Large shoulder pads

That's right, it's shoulder pads again.

Shoulder pads that have been popular for several seasons,

Instead of converging,

On the contrary, it is even more exaggerated in autumn and winter.

Such as saddle shoulder, pagoda shoulder or church shoulder,

Shoulder pads are wider and thicker,

Even the shape flies upwards,

There is a kind of courage to "wear as you like",

The silhouette is exaggerated and the aura is full.

If you haven’t tried shoulder pads,

May wish to start with sweaters and knitting,

It can optimize the head-to-shoulder ratio and show a small face,

Combine trend and style very well

Cowboy elements

In the past two years, affected by the external environment,

Everyone's dressing style has changed.

And the fashion circle,

Obviously I feel that the fashion trends in recent seasons are inseparable

Natural, authentic, comfortable, tolerant, these keywords.

2021 autumn and winter is no exception,

No wonder the cowboy is a good partner throughout the year,

Still on the list.
An interpretation of denim,

Everyone has their own understanding and preferences.

to me,

Denim can easily reduce the sense of style.

Whatever you wear, you can match it,

And it does not violate peace.

No matter how tough the suit jacket,

With a denim shirt,

Can relax a lot,

Will not be framed by the formal sense of the suit,

On the contrary, there is a natural aura.
Wearing sexy, cute and capable clothes,

With a pair of jeans,

Will be more everyday leisure, will not use too much force,

It seems to say "Look, my fashion is effortless".

Knee-length rider boots

someone said,

There is always one pair of shoes in the shoe cabinet.

Then choose knee-length knight boots,

It will be easy to wear this autumn and winter.

Different from the previous leg-and-knee boots,

The material of the knight boots is stiff,

The upper foot is not soft, loose and stylish,

The leg shape can be optimized virtually.
Matching pants and coats are simple and neat,

Wearing to work and meetings will not play.

With a feminine dress,

It can perfectly neutralize the handsomeness of knight boots,

Achieve the balance of style.

Even though the whole body is only black and white,

It won't look dull, it looks good and wears well.
The fashion trends of each season,

May like it, or it may be nothing new,

You can learn from it, or you can leave it alone.

But I really like to understand these,

It's not just because of work.

In the rotation of the seasons,

In the mediocre day after day,

Anticipation of new clothes,

Anticipation of a new life,

Let me have a better perception of time,

Let me not want to be obsessed with just the triviality in front of me.

Life is not perfect,

But I hope that every moment of life is beautiful.

In the face of huge unknowns and time,

The best blessing is,

May you be in this trivial world,

I still love and look forward to,

Believe in beauty and fear the future.

New season,

I hope you who are reading the article,

Have a good attitude and enthusiasm every day.
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