The autumn and winter season is more than the color of the earth! The gray coat starts from these 3 directions, and it is easy to say goodbye to passersby

The autumn and winter season is more than the color of the earth! The gray coat starts from these 3 directions, and it is easy to say goodbye to passersby

The cool breeze in autumn is still inseparable from warm coats. Compared with the white coats that are intolerant to dirt and the black coats that are crazy, I still prefer gray coats. The three colors of gray, white, and black are all basic colors. As the darling of the fashion circle, the basic color that can not go wrong no matter how you wear it, as long as you can wear a high-level atmosphere, you will win and completely get rid of the sense of passersby.

The gray coat makes people love and hate it. Love is in its classic and versatile and good texture, while hate is in the color of the gray coat is too light and it is not easy to wear a fashionable sense. However, the best advantage of a gray coat is that it is very friendly to the skin tone. A gray coat that is not picky at all is suitable for white skins, as well as yellow and black skins. It is definitely the first choice for "little yellow people".

So, how to make the gray coat look like a star, then let’s take a look at the three directions that can be started:

Direction 1. Start with selection

If you want to wear a gray coat, the first thing you have to do is to choose the right gray coat from the three elements of version, element, and color.

The loose-fitting gray coat generally occupies a large area. Although such a version can create a casual and free style, it is difficult to create a sense of fashion in terms of details. The most important thing about gray coats is through small The technique neutralizes the dullness of the coat. As long as there are details, the gray coat will become much easier to handle.

Gray coats and classic elements can form a full sense of retro. For example, plaid, polka dots, and stripes are all classics in the fashion circle. Gray coats with these elements are full of British style, which can break the monotony, but also It can make outfits fun.

However, a gray coat embellished with elements is more difficult to control than a solid color gray coat. Therefore, when matching, try to match other pure color items as much as possible. The fashion principle of "combining simple and simple" is more obvious for gray coats. The texture.

The color of the gray coat has become much simpler. With the update of fashion, gray is no longer static. Gray-green, gray-blue, gray-pink, etc. are all good-looking representatives of the gray series. Incorporating bright tones of gray, compared to pure gray, a bit more delicate and refined, so that gray also began to have a different sense of fashion.

Direction 2. Start with collocation

The color of the gray coat is dim. In order to avoid boring, you can give priority to choosing high-brightness colors when matching. The contrast of bright and dark colors is full of contrast, which can not only enhance the layering of wearing, but also through wearing The brightness improves the fairness of the complexion.

Multi-style elements can definitely weaken the old-fashioned gray coat, but you have to pay attention to avoiding colorful and exaggerated elements as much as possible. Over-contrasting items can easily form a sense of clutter with gray coats. When paired together, it is not only unsightly, but also Very messy.

Direction 3. Start with the details

In terms of details, you only need to embellish the accessories. Jewelry, bags, and makeup can all become the first choice in details. Take Jing Tian as an example, the gray coat is matched with a dark-colored handbag, and the metal handbag on the bag lights up the color of the outfit. The instantly beautiful and domineering shape makes people get the charm of Jing Tian.

If you also want to wear a gray coat with a texture, then use the above three-point dressing direction more, and you will always usher in a day of becoming beautiful and advanced!


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