The "fitness pants" in my mother's eyes are very hot. Try it on a coat this year, it looks thin and advanced

The "fitness pants" in my mother's eyes are very hot. Try it on a coat this year, it looks thin and advanced

Nowadays, dressing always emphasizes "fast pace", and most people will choose the simplest way of matching to show their taste and style. Some seemingly ordinary collocations actually create a sense of safety for girls, because the simpler the dress style, the less likely it is to turn over.

Therefore, the more practical yoga pants became popular in 2021 without knowing it. It is estimated that mothers would laugh at this kind of pants. This is the "fitness pants" of their era. Now they have changed their name-yoga pants. In the past two years, it has become popular without knowing it, but it is really good, especially the trendy people like to choose to go with the coat, which is fashionable and thin and high-end.

1. What advantages can yoga pants provide in matching?

1. Double the effect of slimming

The design of yoga pants is very simple, usually slim-fitting, and the appearance color is mainly classic black. This kind of pants is thinner than other pants and can effectively reduce the sense of body volume visually. Make the legs look more slender and slender.

2. There is no limitation on matching style

The reason why yoga pants have become one of the more popular items is that no matter how to match the style, yoga pants can play the role of "supporting role" and help us present more new styles.

For example, a capable and temperamental commuter style, yoga pants with a long coat can show the queen's temperament, making women wear fashionable and more aggressive. Be able to properly grasp the measure and let the style show the most decent side.

For girls who like casual styles, they don’t need to be complicated to wear yoga pants everyday. Choose basic coats and bottoming shirts, combined with shark pants. The style is casual and casual.

3. Unlimited age range

There are many popular items, which may be fashionable to wear, but the design of the style or the color of the style will limit the age and the audience is not wide. However, the style of yoga pants is a basic style after all. So there will not be too many requirements for age.

This also means that the wear of yoga pants can present age-reducing fashion styles, as well as mature and elegant styles. Women of any age can use yoga pants to create their own favorite style. It is not a boundary.

Two. Several classic collocation options for yoga pants + coats

•Basic model + basic model, daily and practical style

No one likes overly complex fashion styles. Most girls prefer to use yoga pants to create basic and practical daily styles, such as a basic black coat with basic black yoga pants.

This collocation method is very simple, using the same color collocation, so that the style shows the high-level charm of minimalism, and the slimming effect is also obvious. It is more suitable for women with more plump bodies to try.

• High-end models plus basic models, more prominent wearing texture

For women who are very demanding in dressing, they hope to use yoga pants to create a more quality daily wear. You can try a high-end camel coat to match the basic black yoga pants.

This matching method is simple, but the style is not very monotonous. The camel coat looks stronger, so it will also make the yoga pants look more high-grade.

Do not think that yoga pants are just a basic slim-fitting pants. This kind of pants is highly plastic and should not be worn only as leggings. Instead, follow the above matching methods to create a more fashionable and advanced style.

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