The new autumn products are warm and enthusiastic, showing nobleness!

The new autumn products are warm and enthusiastic, showing nobleness!

An autumn rain and an autumn breeze, in a blink of an eye, large expanses of golden color replaced the emerald green and continued to decorate the leaves. Under the bright autumn sun, the street scene was as colorful as an overturned palette. Recommend a set of rich autumn colors to wear to welcome the elegant autumn.

The golden ginkgo in autumn seems to sound the horn of time, and the warm colors heal people's hearts. The cool autumn is to choose some warm colors, ginger yellow will give people a sense of warmth visually, it will give people a bright feeling when wearing it, and it can also make the skin white.

Ginger yellow gives people a feeling of lightness, hope and vitality. Paired with a light lavender purple, the light color is used to set off the rich retro yellow, which brings people a sense of visual comfort.

Orange is not as dazzling as red. It has the depth of autumn. The diagonal ruffle design brings a unique sense of design. It looks very stylish when worn with a dark skirt.

The pink orange color gives people a sweet and romantic feeling, and the red shows a touch of elegance, gorgeous and not vulgar, and it is very temperamental with black sweet salt.

In autumn, the crimson is covered with a layer of retro filters, and the checkered skirt of the same color tells the gentleness and the warmth of the whole floor under the autumn sun.

Autumn may be the tenderness of a girl. Let the retro red score be gentle, it is the love song of autumn, facing the slight cool breeze, quietly enjoying the sun shine on the body.

Crimson red is warm and brilliant, conveying the beauty of autumn colors, and the dark-colored dresses brighten the whole and show femininity.

A charming and gorgeous burgundy, wearing the charm of autumn and winter, matched with an elegant black sweater, looks beautiful and drunk!

Want to be beautiful in late autumn? Then start with "drinking a cup" of mocha coffee. Milk tea color × mocha color has a mellow taste, and the taste is silky and intoxicating.

The mocha color has a gentle temperament, and the puff sleeve design and velvet headband give the whole body a sense of court elegance.

Milk tea knit sweater × brown check skirt, like a latte with the bitterness of milk and coffee, the combination of intriguing and delicious.

The navy collar-like large lapel brings newness to ordinary plain knitted sweaters, and the half skirt with diagonal plaid is beautiful and poetic.

Romantic purple is a weapon for women to show elegance and sophistication. The purple sweater is matched with a flower skirt of the same color, and the quiet tenderness is hidden in the skirt.

The bow design on the back is cute and playful, while the dark plaid skirt and boots are mature and elegant, which perfectly blends sweetness and elegance.

The chest folds bring a highlight to the plain sweater, and the high-waist denim wide-leg pants convey a retro trend.

The exquisite and pure white shirt and the black plaid skirt create a clever and intellectual LOOK.

The bow-knot check shirt has a charming dark color like a maple leaf, and is matched with a black half skirt to stroll in the late autumn, blending with the beautiful scenery.

The beautiful malachite green has a protagonist atmosphere and shows the beauty of publicity. It is the right way to use a low-key black polka-dot skirt to set off.

The purple sweater + denim wide-leg pants are simple and advanced. The checkered bow is undoubtedly the finishing touch, and the British style is instantly revealed.

The persistence of the little black dress is believed to be the persistence of every woman. In autumn, whether it is practicality or matching, the little black dress is a very advantageous item. The bow tie on the back makes this dress immediately stand out from the thousands of little black dresses.

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