The trend of 2022 spring and summer tops & shirts, have you got them?

The trend of 2022 spring and summer tops & shirts, have you got them?

In summer, girls’ wardrobes always have a few tops & shirts with a sense of design. The fabrics are healthy and the design is delicate, and the market sales have grown explosively. The following is an analysis of the key elements and styles of this season's single product design.


Cotton and linen are often used in summer due to their good ventilation and moisture absorption. This year, low-carbon and environmentally friendly fabrics have become more and more popular. Technology plays an important role in fabric research and development.

key elements

1. Shortening ratio

The blouse is shortened and smaller, showing a sexy waist line, and the skin tone and the color of the garment become one and become part of the embellished garment.

2. Details

Multi-layered sleeves, cuff weight, various hem designs, drawstrings, laces, knots, ruffles and other details, delicate and feminine, light and ethereal.


The practical function of clothing is still one of the contents of the design. In the hot summer, it takes into account the beauty and coolness of the lace-up short top, and the lace-up element is flexibly used in various parts of the waist to be sexy and individual;

The girly fancy collar, lace, and floral elements will lead the leader into a new fashion field;

The puff sleeves are reinterpreted in 2022, and the tail has a slight sense of weight, which sets off the free and exaggerated sleeve shape, giving us a different feeling;

The use of ruffles, knots, drawstrings, twists and other craftsmanship injects a holiday atmosphere into it, and the trapezoidal version is light and comfortable, and modifies the waist line.


lace-up crop top


fancy collar shirt


Puff Sleeve Hem Measured Top


summer trapezoid top

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