There is a kind of French elegance called "the upper depth and the lower depth"

There is a kind of French elegance called "the upper depth and the lower depth"

The combination of upper depth and lower lightness has actually spread rapidly since the last century. This kind of match first appeared in navy uniforms, and later developed into a British university sports outfit-a combination of dark-toned navy blue jacket + white pants. This kind of collocation reveals the elegant taste of French style everywhere, and now it has become the only combination of suit mix and match.

01. Tuck the top into the bottom

To wear this kind of gentleman's style collocation, the first thing is to tie the top into the bottom. The benefits of wearing this way are on the one hand to increase the quality of a capable and stylish gentleman, on the other hand, it can also effectively modify the proportions of the body, so that the small man also has the sense of sight of long legs.

02. The upper and lower colors should be divided

When choosing the color of the top and bottom, we must pay attention to the subdivided tones and form a certain span between colors. The best dark blue and brown top + white pants, the best contrast is the clearest. Of course, the relative deep and light, that is, the same color is also possible, but the color difference needs to be more obvious, like the dark coffee and light khaki on the left, it is OK. If the contrast is not obvious, it is easy to be mixed, skin color + weak contrast step The chance of thunder is quite high.

03. Pants selection is the key

Then, in the collocation of upper and lower depths, trousers are the top priority. The so-called lighter, it is recommended to choose a neutral color pants with higher brightness. The most common ones are white, light khaki, light gray and so on. Because neutral colors can get along with most colors, they are very soft and not blunt. In terms of version, it is recommended to choose loose and straight trousers. Slim fit must be avoided, not gentle enough.

04. The shoes are relatively light

Finally, there is the choice of shoes. There is nothing to say about the style. If you are looking for a yuppie, you can choose casual leather shoes or loafer shoes. If you are looking for a trendy mix and match, sports shoes are also OK. Just the color, I have to say one more thing. It is easy to feel top-heavy when it is light in dark and light, so you must choose dark-colored shoes for finishing. It is best to echo the color of the upper assembly, so that the whole person has a stronger sense of balance.

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