These 3 pairs of shoes are worth recommending this winter. Girls look thin and tall when they wear them. They are a great match, and fashion bloggers love to wear them.

These 3 pairs of shoes are worth recommending this winter. Girls look thin and tall when they wear them. They are a great match, and fashion bloggers love to wear them.

Winter is coming soon, is your winter jersey ready? At the same time, don't forget the shoes. Compared with clothes, I think shoes are more worthy of our careful selection! Shoes not only determine our comfort level but also our level of refinement.

We may neglect the matching of shoes many times in our daily life, but we don't realize that shoes are also very important. We may usually focus on the matching of the upper body and the lower body, but we don't know that our beauty is not only reflected in the exquisite wear, but also the matching under our feet.

The most important thing for a good pair of shoes is to be comfortable. A pair of shoes that don’t fit will ruin your good mood for the day. Apart from being comfortable, it also has to be versatile. A good pair of shoes must have the ability to match several different sets of clothes. Life can be more convenient.

Whether you are wearing elegant suit pants or neutral overalls this winter, you need a versatile and fashionable shoe to hold your winter outfit. Wearing these 3 pairs of shoes, they are super thin and versatile, and many fashionistas are wearing them! Let's take a look!

Platform boots

Perhaps many girls have discovered that this year seems to be the year of the rise of platform boots, and the focus of many fashion circles has also focused on platform boots. We can see from the winter explosions launched by Bottega Veneta this year, the cool, handsome and stylish thick-soled boots are indeed very eye-catching.

Parada also launched his own thick-soled boots, one with straps, and the other with a small pocket decoration. It is very functional and cool to the point of explosion!

This rugged and functional style is very much in line with the trend that likes to be cool now. This is the boylish style that continues to be hot today. Can anyone not love the sweet and cool style?

And according to the popular trend of thick-soled boots this winter, its popularity is estimated to remain high next year. So this year's New Year, the first pair of shoes that should be bought are definitely thick-soled boots.

So how should platform boots look good?

First of all, the match that can't go wrong is of course black pants + thick-soled boots. Such a classic and daily match should meet the daily needs of many girls to go out. It is especially suitable for girls who like cool and neutral styles.

The way to wear a black suit is so cool that there are no friends, the aura is instantly strong, and walking in the crowd is definitely the most eye-catching boy! If you like this style, give it a try.

The thick bottom of the thick-soled boots is also very friendly to small girls. You can match it with a pair of wide-leg pants, revealing the round toe, which is both high and ins style. It can show leg length invisibly.

If you want to be more fashionable, you may wish to match it with a leather jacket, with a bright color bag embellishment, and the thick-soled boots instantly bring out the aura of the whole person.

The combination of thick-soled boots and a suit can exude a super aura, and the strong woman Fan Er in the workplace rushes to her face. A set that girls in the workplace can consider is even more capable and steady.

Martin boots

To say that this year's hottest single product of boots, it must be Martin boots, after all, it is a must-have item for girls in winter and winter. Many people may think that Martin boots are very bad now, but in the editor's opinion, a pair of Martin boots can really lighten your whole body collocation, and the effect of enhancing your temperament is very significant, cool and stylish, otherwise it will not be so hot, right? .

As the most sought-after hot item this winter, Martin boots naturally have its own unique charm. Whether it is the cool style or the manly style, it can complement each other.

Look1: Martin boots + coat

The common way to wear Martin boots is to tie up, but sometimes, untie a few holes and wear them loosely, which may make you look thinner and taller, and it can also highlight a casual and free aura.

With small tips: If you want to show long legs for girls with shorter height, you might as well try choosing this mid-length coat that is longer than the hips but not the knees. This length is more helpful to visually elongate the leg lines. And it can cover the wide part of the crotch, exposing the thinnest part of the thigh.

If you are a professional girl who likes to be capable and mature, you can choose mid-length Martin boots, and then pierce the trouser legs directly into the boots to be more capable and handsome. You can choose a pure color knit sweater or sweater for the top, and it is also very good to tie the top into the pants, which can improve the waistline and show the height.

Look2: Jeans + Martin boots

Classic retro jeans and Martin boots are also a great partner, perfect interpretation of the handsome and simple style of street wear.


In addition to boots and shoes, many exquisite mm favorites must be loafers, the British retro temperament is difficult to resist.

Coat + loafers can be said to be the first choice to show taste, it is very easy to create a literary and retro atmosphere.

Red loafers are particularly suitable for color matching. A camel coat creates a classic and retro atmosphere. Loafers can be said to be the finishing touch to the overall shape. In winter, red is particularly eye-catching and very eye-catching.

Look1: Loafers + suit

Loafers can also be worn with a complete suit. They have a capable aura without being too serious.

The retro temperament and checkered elements of loafers can be said to be a natural pair, which can well enhance the temperament of the whole set. The British temperament is full, and with a painter hat, the extraordinary fashionable taste is immediately reflected!

If you want to be more individual, you can't go wrong with rivet loafers. Just one word cool!

If you wear a large area of black, then you can choose a pair of white loafers, which are not only high, but also very clean and cool.

Although exposed ankles is a classic way to wear loafers, after all, the temperature of this winter is not to be underestimated. Girls who are afraid of cold should wear stockings and match them without worrying about swelling. The oval toe of loafers The feet are very thin visually.

Look2: Loafers + wide-leg pants

Even with loose-fitting wide-leg pants, it will look exquisite and retro because of the small loafers under your feet. With white stockings, it has more American retro flavor. And because the toe cap is round, the legs are visually elongated, and it is not easy for small girls to step on thunder.

Look3: loafers + dress

Loafers with a retro flavor meets a feminine dress, which is full of high-end sense. It is a good choice to match a long coat or a down jacket outside.

Look4: Loafers + Suit

Many student parties and girls who love sweet styles should prefer to wear small suits. Loafers can be said to be suit cp, and the neutral wind of the sweet suit loafers is perfectly neutralized. All that is left is a sense of playfulness.

There are many styles of shoes. Have you chosen your boots? These are the three recommended shoes today! Looking thin, tall and versatile, is there anything you like? If you have a favorite match, it is better to forward it to friends around you to share it~

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