These 4 colors are very high-end in winter

These 4 colors are very high-end in winter

The most fashionable colors in winter,

Is the shades of light brown,

For example: khaki, milk tea,

Caramel color, maple leaf color, brown color, etc.

These colors are beautiful when worn alone,

Stack them in shallow and deep layers,

It can also have a rich and fashionable sense of hierarchy.

The brown is rich and rich in texture,

It is the best match in the earth tones,

This color system will not be very fancy,

It looks very tasteful.

But in this year's brown series,

The most popular is reddish brown.

It looks very reminiscent of red soil.

Supermodel Kaia Gerber in this year’s street shooting,

Wearing fashionable red-brown pants many times.

The brown itself will have a light retro feel.

At the same time, it matches the neatly cut trouser shape,

And textured fabrics,

It doesn't look fashionable and lacks texture.

NO.1 brown pants

Regarding this fashionable color,

The first thing I recommend to everyone is pants.

Put some classic trousers,

Change to a fashionable color,

It will look different when worn.

When wearing wide-leg pants or flared pants,

The most suitable shoes are low-heeled or flat-heeled pointed shoes.

It can lengthen the legs visually,

The flat bottom can ensure a casual and comfortable temperament.

Flared pants are very suitable for petite girls,

Tall girls can choose floor-length wide-leg pants.

Wearing sweaters of the same color is free and easy, handsome and fashionable.

NO.2 Red-brown suit

For the stylish control,

There is a careful recommendation to everyone.

Various suit styles are popular this year,

Just get to the matching method of the suit,

So you don’t have to spend much time,

One-click to solve the out-of-home styling.

The most common way to wear,

It's a suit and high heels.

Simple and capable,

Without losing the mature charm of women.

Under the warm sunlight,

The red-brown suit creates a mature and textured feeling,

The big woman in the suit,

Able to have more affinity in warm colors.

The collocation ideas of how to wear suits,

It is applicable from 20 to 40 years old.

In this season’s suit trend,

There is another one that will make your eyes shine,

It is a tailored suit with a more design sense.

Can easily wear a fashionable feeling,

It is worth trying boldly by fashionable people.

NO.3 brown fashionable coat

Among the autumn and winter items,

The temperament coat is the most enduring.

And the popular focus of the coat every year,

Also mainly make a fuss about length and tailoring.

This year you can choose the classic cut,

Add fashionable brown.

If you want to wear a coat elegantly,

Naturally, a coat that looks very "expensive" is indispensable.

In addition to the temperament and nice camel coat,

There is also a double-faced brown coat that looks very textured.

The matching of this kind of coat,

The simpler, the more versatile,

So as long as it matches the base color of black, white and gray,

You can easily get the whole set of styling.

NO.4 brown fur coat

The wool coat is very popular this year.

Relatively speaking,

This single product will not be as bloated as a down jacket.

Warmth retention is also excellent.

When wearing a lamb wool coat,

Different combinations will show different effects.

It has a luxurious and casual temperament,

Although there is a sense of weight,

But it will look light and fashionable,

So it is loved by many people.

The design of the wool lamb jacket is very simple,

But each one has its unique design,

Loose version,

It can well hide the shortcomings of the upper body.

Brown fur coat,

It's not just popular this year.

It's a classic that has always been.

Fashionable guys wear it every year,

It can bring new ideas every year.

Its price is generally more expensive,

But it is a fashionable item worth starting with.

Brown is fashionable this year,

But if the temperament or collocation of the whole person cannot keep up,

It is also easy to look very old-fashioned.

Fashionable pleasure,

We need to update ourselves from time to time.

With a new image,

Bring a new attitude,

Quickly get rid of the dull and single sense of autumn and winter.

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