These 4 "little black trousers" are the most popular this winter. They are fashionable and versatile, and look thin no matter how you wear them!

These 4 "little black trousers" are the most popular this winter. They are fashionable and versatile, and look thin no matter how you wear them!

Seeing the temperature drop, the weather is getting colder and colder. At this time, only wearing a "trouser suit" and walking in the cold wind can you be fashionable and chic while also taking into account the temperature.

When it comes to wearing trousers that are not unfavorable, the little black trousers must have a place.

It is such a simple little black trousers. Because of their real wear and versatile attributes, they have been popular in the fashion circle year after year, and firmly occupy the "C" position in the trousers in the wardrobe.

Therefore, I will share with you the four little black pants that are worth starting for autumn and winter. They are guaranteed to look good in everything. Fashionable people must mark live.

Straight black pants

It's not like tight-leg pants that stick to your legs, nor is it too casual and loose like sports pants. The just right looseness makes your legs look long, thin and straight! Wearing it can immediately have supermodel legs~

And a pair of straight black trousers can meet the dressing needs of all ages and different styles. Casual, handsome, cute, intellectual... can hold it~

Matching demonstration:

You can match a suit like Bella. Choosing an oversize retro suit is very chic. Add a refreshing feeling with white inner wear, and pair it with straight black pants, which makes you look thin~

Small girls are best to choose nine-point straight-leg trousers. They are perfect to match with short boots. They are really invincible and show long legs, and they also show great temperament~

Sisters who like cool style, don’t miss the straight black trousers, paired with a black leather suit, embellished with metal necklaces, and the sense of luxury is directly stretched~

It is also very suitable for creating all black outfits, and the visual proportions are instantly elongated. If you are afraid of being too dull, match it with a honey green clutch, the whole look is eye-catching and beautiful~

In winter, it is also suitable to use straight black pants with a thick top. It will not feel bloated at all, but it looks more neat and thin~

Retro flared pants

The flared black pants are also a must-wear item in autumn and winter, especially after the retro style has returned. It is not only popular, it not only comes with the fashionable and favorite retro style, but also is very versatile and has long legs.

It has a narrow top and wide bottom trousers, which can well modify the various problems of X, O-shaped legs, bent legs and non-straight legs.

Matching demonstration:

Don't look at the flared black trousers that are more retro, you think they can't control other styles, but they are very versatile.

The shape of all black with uniform color from top to bottom not only shows the sassy aura, but also shows very thin and long legs. This set of dressing formulas must be marked~

If you don't like the big fluffy padded jacket, you can try the corduroy jacket, which keeps warm and is not bloated. It is very fashionable with a pair of small black trousers, full of retro charm.

Changing to a gray woolen suit is also very nice, which can fully highlight the stylish attitude of neat personality! These white gloves are really the finishing touch~

With different short boots, you can unlock different dressing styles~

If you like high-end and temperament, choose black matte short boots; if you like sexy and feminine, choose burgundy crocodile print short boots, each has its own taste~

If you are tired of wearing dark colors, you can change to a bright-colored jacket and choose short boots of the same color, so that you will not be dull and monotonous, but also very attractive~

Wide leg small black pants

For sisters who dress more mature and feminine styles, don't miss the wide-legged little black pants!

The loose trouser legs have full effect on hiding meat. It is not too friendly for people with a flat butt and thick legs, covering the meat and the crotch.

Matching demonstration:

The thin and versatile black wide-leg pants are most suitable to collide with the coat in winter. The atmospheric and mysterious black is combined with the chic and calm coat, not to mention how classic and beautiful!

Use them to interpret the chic and sexy of women! The classic camel coat comes with high quality, and the black wide-leg pants adds a bit of rashness to the look, simple and beautiful~

The shape of All black is really cool, a black dress makes people look thin and tall, with an aura of two meters! !

Sisters who are afraid of being overwhelmed can change to a white liner, and choose a pair of shoes that echo the color. While enhancing the styling level, it also looks very compelling~

Of course, it’s a good choice to change to an oatmeal coat directly. Pair it with black wide-leg pants, which will show the generous temperament to the fullest~

Wearing a set of black wide-leg pants and a suit, and matching a coat, full of aura and very high, all of a sudden slay the audience! !

You can also add beautiful colors to the styling, which will be more eye-catching and eye-catching, and you will turn your head on the street 100%~

Black shark pants

Speaking of shark pants, they have been popular in the fashion circle since last autumn and winter. Looking at the outfits of ins bloggers, you can find them, and easily resolve the bloated feeling of winter jackets~

The biggest advantage of shark pants is that its elastic fabric can collect fat and can have a shaping effect, so even girls with fleshy legs can control it.

Matching demonstration:

Shark pants are very suitable for pairing with boots. Many babies wear shark pants for fear of exposing their legs. At this time, matching a pair of boots can well modify their legs and stretch their legs longer.

Choose thick-heeled or thick-soled boots, which can also extend the proportions of the legs, and wear supermodel long legs in minutes~

Smoke tube boots without frills are popular fashion items in the past two years. They are very harmonious with simple shark pants, and they are very cool when paired with a coat~

Sports shoes + tube socks can also be regarded as a fixed match of shark pants, and it is also one of the most popular ways to wear shark pants. The fashion and layering are instantly full~

Fashion blogger Liza Rudkevich likes this way of dressing very much. Whether it is with a down jacket or a long coat, it is very nice. The "wide upper and narrow lower" dressing routines don't have to worry about wearing a bloated feeling.

When matched with a suit, it also weakens the stereotyped and rigorous impression, and instantly becomes a lot more lively~

Sure enough, winter is the best time to wear trousers, which guarantees both grace and warmth.

Among the many trousers, the little black trousers are the most classic. They do not fight or grab, and they show the attitude that they will not go with the flow.

Therefore, this winter, you must have at least a pair of small black pants in your closet. It can easily fit all over your closet and can meet your various wearing needs~

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