This jacket is the most popular this winter, warm and stylish!

This jacket is the most popular this winter, warm and stylish!

This winter is extremely cold. In many areas, wearing a coat is no longer enough to keep out the cold. And if you want to keep warm in the cold season while still being fashionable, then this furry lamb coat is definitely worth yours!

The so-called "lamb velvet jacket" is the lamb wool that is cut for the first time. Not only does it retain the maximum warmth, but the iconic curly short fleece looks very fashionable and energetic.

Because this kind of lamb jacket is mostly found in earth colors such as brown, coffee, khaki, etc., many people directly call it a "teddy bear" jacket vividly and affectionately.

How to choose a lamb wool coat?

The short lamb velvet jacket is the most popular item with youthful vitality, and it has a high appearance rate among fashionable people.

The short design not only highlights the unique soft cuteness of the lamb velvet jacket, but also stretches the proportions of the legs. It is also very friendly to small stars.

In contrast, the mid-length lamb velvet jacket can take into account the durability and warmth.

And the right coat length can also avoid bloat, it is a standard classic model that everyone can hold.

The long lamb wool coat undoubtedly has the best warmth, but in all fairness, it is relatively easy to appear heavy.

Therefore, it is recommended that you choose this H-shaped slim-fit lamb velvet coat when choosing styles. Through the narrow and long design, you can visually elongate the vertical body shape and wear a slender and tall body.

With the popularity of lambswool jackets, designers have given them more colors and patterns, which can give people a sense of surprise and stand out from the crowd.

Of course, if you only consider investing in a classic style that will never go out of style and the most versatile and wearable, then it is definitely the right choice to start with an earth-toned lamb velvet jacket.

It is not only the most impressive, but also creates a warm autumn and winter atmosphere.

All-match warm lamb wool motorcycle wind short coat

Winter must-have lamb wool padded short jacket

How to match a lamb velvet jacket?

The lamb velvet jacket itself is a relatively loose style, so the lower body is actually the most suitable for the slim-fit trousers group CP, which can highlight the sense of ability and neatness, and it will be more fashionable and thinner.

Lamb wool coats + cropped trousers + short boots are the favorite of fashionistas, and easy chic can be easily created without any effort.

The earth-tone lamb velvet jacket and jeans are the best partners, bringing the modern and elegant retro street style.

Pairing with white pants also has a unique charm, not only can create a very classic and advanced winter color matching,

With the help of small white pants, you can also make your winter outfit look lighter and refreshing.

If you want to wear the best slimming effect, you can choose "black pants + little black boots" for the lower body.

The classic collocation method of upper pine and lower tightness can keep you warm while still being tall and thin.

Chimney trousers are also very suitable for pairing with lamb wool coats, capable and neat and modified the leg shape, and the upgraded temperament will look good on anyone.

Of course, you can also mix and match with a lamb velvet jacket and skirt,

It can not only create an elegant and intellectual style, but also play with the retro forest style,

Let you still be beautiful in the cold season, this winter is so fashionable to wear it like this!


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