This year's long windbreaker is not well matched by ordinary people. Not to mention the "eating ratio", it will appear short if you are not careful.

This year's long windbreaker is not well matched by ordinary people. Not to mention the "eating ratio", it will appear short if you are not careful.

As the temperature decreases day by day, everyone will find that autumn outfits become thicker and thicker. In addition to ordinary suits and sweaters, there are also many hipsters who choose to match trench coats. Long trench coats are very friendly to most women and can make our The stature advantage is revealed.

Long trench coats will feel particularly aura when worn on the body. When choosing a trench coat, we need to learn some matching skills to avoid getting fat. If you want to become more fashionable, you can look at the most popular this year. Most people really can’t learn how to wear a windbreaker. If you don’t pay attention, you will get fat. You must learn it carefully!

[Choose a trench coat to see these 3 points]

The first point: the version of the trench coat

1. Tunic windbreaker is suitable for thin people

2. The profile windbreaker is suitable for a slightly fat body

Whether you are small or tall, when wearing a trench coat, you must first pay attention to the length. Generally, the length of the trench coat we choose is near the calf. This trench coat covers our buttocks. It is suitable for female friends with slightly fat lower body, small belly or The fat on the legs can also be covered by a long trench coat.

Tunic windbreaker and profile windbreaker are suitable for different figures. Slender sisters can be matched with a waist design. For those who are slightly fat, they can choose profile windbreaker to hide meat.

The second point: look at the color of the trench coat

1. Bright colors are suitable for white skin

2. Low saturation color matching is suitable for yellow and black skins

The classic khaki windbreaker is much loved, but in addition to the khaki windbreaker, you can also use bright colors. For example, the popular pink and yellow in recent years, these colors are very western and white; wearing them will make you stand out. If you are yellow and black, try low-saturation colors when choosing a trench coat and wear them on your body. Will not step on thunder.

The third point: pay attention to the material

Tough cowboy

There are also many materials for windbreakers, like the windbreakers we usually try are simple cotton and linen fabrics, and denim windbreakers can be tried in autumn, because the denim material is also relatively thick, tough denim is not easy to deform when worn on the body, and the fashion is very high. Can be worn for several years.

For example, the following denim windbreaker looks capable and free when worn on the body. When choosing a denim windbreaker, you can also try to incorporate the shoulder pad design to modify the upper body.

[How to wear a windbreaker this year? 】

Tunic Trench Coat Shrink Waistline

The waist trench coat is definitely the most popular item in recent years, and compared with the profile trench coat, it can effectively close the waist. It is very friendly for women with poor body proportions or relatively obese women.

The following khaki windbreaker is simple and low-key, and then by adding a waist design, it looks good and shows high. If you want to become more fashionable, you can incorporate the element of the bow at the waist. This special design can also make your shape richer.

Windbreaker with skirt, enhance the charm of women

If you want to become the most eye-catching presence in the crowd, everyone should pay attention to matching when wearing clothes. If you choose a windbreaker, we can mix and match other styles of clothing. For example, when choosing this simple khaki windbreaker, you can go inside. Mix and match with skirts. Mix and match styles can also make your femininity stand out.

The little white skirt like the one below can be compared with the brown windbreaker on the inside, and the style of the skirt is light and elegant. It will not feel heavy when worn on the body, but it will make your style lighter. It can also be worn in autumn. Will not feel too cumbersome.

Windbreaker with jeans, simple atmosphere

Pairing with Xiaobai can give priority to jeans and trench coats, because jeans are classic items, slightly casual, and almost impossible to make mistakes in daily life. The pants that match the lower body should be cut smartly. Straight jeans or skinny jeans are good. For girls with thick legs, you can also consider wide-leg jeans, which can help you hide your flesh and look thinner.

When choosing jeans to match a trench coat, you also need to pay attention to the position of the waistline. If you want to wear it open, it is best to match yourself with high-waisted jeans. Long legs out.

Windbreaker + cropped trousers, capable and tall

Pay attention to the length of the windbreaker and pants. The length of the windbreaker should be shorter than the pants, so as to create a sense of layering and avoid bloat. And the matching pants are preferably nine-length wide-leg pants, which can not only weaken the windbreaker. Thickness and smooth tailoring are also helpful for small people to stretch their body proportions. This layered collocation can make your shape richer.

These trendy people like the following pair of nine-point jeans or suit pants for themselves can create a capable and chic temperament, which contrasts with the mid-length windbreaker, which is very fashionable.

Small people who want to wear different charms in autumn can try these fashionable trench coats, and in autumn and winter, you can try to mix and match styles to make you the most dazzling presence in the crowd. Use a variety of clothing to neutralize the trench coat. The monotony and seriousness of the styling can also make your style more stunning, and the rate of turning back soars.

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