Top 8 Wedding Dress Trends for 2022

Top 8 Wedding Dress Trends for 2022

Wedding has always been the most fantasy thing for women, and the holy white wedding dress has become the most irreplaceable item in women's mind.
It becomes extremely important to choose a wedding dress that suits you. One-shouldered, sloping-shouldered, full-body dotted, or oversized skirts. There are thousands of choices, but it is difficult to choose a style. No!
After reading these 8 latest fashion styles, it is the best time for you to choose the right style and show your fashion sense.

1,freeze-frame princess dream
Puffy skirt

No matter how many styles are updated, the princess-style round skirt, which is elegant, gorgeous, sweet and dreamy, is a classic among white gauze classics.
Andrea Kwon, Ines Di Santo Couture layered cake-style veil, The Atelier, Amelia Casablanca's big wave folds, fill the girl's heart with sincere longing for the wedding.
What's more, it is an "artifact" that grows long legs in seconds, no matter how tall, short, fat or thin, as long as the waistline is properly proportioned.

The fashion trend in 2022 will also add a lot of romantic Victorian style. The ultra-long tail is not only eye-catching, but how can such a luxurious and connotative design make people not love it.
Changed from the heaviness of previous years, this year's skirt is full of air and more graceful and light.
There are combinations of silk satin and gauze skirts, translucent organzas stacked like clouds, or layers of silk mesh gauze and satin...

feather decoration

No matter how tough and sassy your design is, as long as you gently add a feather, it will instantly become dreamy.
It can be said that the use of feather elements fills every corner of the fashion industry, and when this ceremonial element meets a wedding dress, it makes the wedding dress super dreamy.

In addition to being romantic and immortal, this year's wedding dresses are all kinds of fantasies that satisfy the little fairies.
The feather decoration is whether it is beaded light luxury, elegant lace, or well-tailored satin;
Whether it is the use of the skirt or the partial embellishment, it will help you show the purest delicacy and fantasy.

3,sea fairy tale
fish tail profile

The fishtail design has always been the darling of the fashion industry. The slim upper body and the flared skirt perfectly outline the outline of the mermaid, satisfying everyone's imagination of dreams.

This year's fishtail design is much softer in the silhouette design and proportion of the fishtail, and the threshold for the body requirements is also much looser.

The first is the change of fabrics, more use of soft and fit silk or satin. Then, a strong contrast between complexity and simplicity is formed with the fabric through sculptural designs such as folds and overlays.
Divert visual attention, so that more figures can choose fishtail models.

4,urban women
magic satin

When it comes to satin, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind must be the princesses, or "Audrey Hepburn's elegance".
And what changes have taken place in this year's satin?

In fact, it is more like two extremes: minimalism or extreme complexity.

On one side is the collision of glossy texture and three-dimensional flower petal inlay, flower pattern embroidery, flower headgear...
On one side is the neat silhouette and precise and delicate tailoring, which is full of atmosphere and modernity. Three-dimensional flowers and hand embroidery make satin wedding dresses hopelessly delicate.
The three-dimensional tailoring of the simple silhouette makes the individual brides obsessed and unable to extricate themselves.

5,the goddess returns
temperament cloak

Princess or Queen?
The switch between the two identities only requires a cloak, and it is definitely the most fashionable operation to apply the design of the cloak to the wedding dress.

Hand-embroidered and beaded slim-fit wedding dresses are paired with a light and flowing gauze cape, giving you a retro and elegant vibe. The minimalist satin style and the cape with lace elements transform this wedding dress into a "one yarn and two wear" design, and add another elegant taste to the original simple and low-key.

6,romantic and sexy
ultimate lace

The romance and beauty of lace make it impossible for girls to refuse, and it is also one of the popular elements of this year's wedding dresses.
The essential elements of wedding dresses in girls' minds must be the design of tutu skirts, lace, diamond BlingBling.... Having these can make people feel atmospheric and beautiful visually, and it is even more brilliant under the light.
The designs of many brands have used the elements of lace to the extreme this year: graceful and elegant lace patterns with light gauze, looming perspective hollows, artistic lace decorations with partial artistic sense, retro lace in various colors...

The first impression of heavy lace is the noble queen style and the aura that cannot be dissipated. A wedding dress is embellished with similar elements, or directly using lace as the main material of the wedding dress, not only can it present It produces a beautiful and luxurious visual experience, and the charming charm reflected from it cannot be replaced by other materials.

The use of lace is more commonly used and classic in terms of area and local elements.
The role of lace decoration and embellishment has changed in the past, and many designers have launched the style of the whole body lace wedding dress.

The collision of lace and crystal is the biggest highlight of this season. It reflects not only the luxury of a wedding dress, but also the dream of every woman to be her own queen. The exquisite lace is decorated with high-quality crystals. The moment you stand on the stage, you are illuminated by the shining lights. The light emitted by the crystals attracts every guest present. At this moment, you are the most dazzling bride!

7,high level
corset tube top

As a basic wedding dress, the tube top wedding dress is classic and widely used. Needless to say, everyone is familiar with it.
And this year's tube top style has become more fashionable and playful than ever because of the "corset" element of the European Renaissance.

The bust is decorated with ruffles, the tube top is designed with silk satin and a three-dimensional silhouette, and the flower group design is cleverly combined with tube top tailoring...
All show a retro romantic charm.

And because of the combination of various cuts, elements and fabrics, brides of various cup segments can find their own styles.

8,fairy tale
Vintage Rotator Sleeves

This season, many designs have added strength to the shoulders and sleeves. For brides who are too thin on the shoulders or want more features on the shoulders, the shoulders are like elf wings, an inconspicuous addition.” Fairy feeling".

Needless to say, the one-shoulder sloping shoulder is customary. Symmetrical shoulder embellishments are also very common, but this year is more unique in that one-shoulder shawls, half-length sleeves, and long-sleeve styles frequently appear.

The superimposition of crystals, metals, three-dimensional flowers, bows and other decorations on the shoulders is the highlight of this year, adding surprises everywhere.

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