Wearing strategy: windbreaker selection and matching

Wearing strategy: windbreaker selection and matching

What is the top priority for the season change? Of course I bought new clothes. So what are the clothes suitable for autumn? How should I choose? Let's take a look together.

How to choose a windbreaker?

However, some sisters will be discouraged from the windbreaker for these two reasons, one is afraid of being fat, and the other is afraid of being short.

If you are afraid that the windbreaker will widen your body and make yourself wider and stronger, then the editor suggests that you can choose a light and soft style to offset some of the "stiffness" of the windbreaker.

As for girls who are afraid of being short, it is recommended that you choose a windbreaker with a knee length and a neat cut. The more the legs are exposed, the higher the height will naturally be.

Or choose a long windbreaker with a good drape to strengthen the longitudinal stretch and achieve a visually high effect.

Windbreaker + pants?

Windbreaker + jeans

Nine out of ten female celebrities wearing trench coats are standard with + jeans. It is already a very classic outfit. If you don’t know what to wear, it’s right to choose jeans.

Girls who are not so confident about their leg shapes can choose looser jeans.

Girls with long legs can challenge the big rolled-up long jeans, which are very handsome with loafers or flat canvas shoes!

Of course, wide-leg jeans are also a good choice, the first choice for pear-shaped girls. The small thick legs are hidden in the loose trousers, and they can't be seen even if they are ten pounds fat. They are the savior of proper body.

Windbreaker + cigarette pants

The windbreaker with its own super gas field collides with the trousers, which is more handsome. At the same time, the loose design of the ankle makes the slender ankle thinner and thinner~

Windbreaker + little black pants

And black is a timeless and classic hue, matching the upper body mysterious and sexy, so the windbreaker and small black pants can get warm and fashionable in a second in the dull autumn and winter~

Windbreaker + sweatpants

Windbreaker + sweatpants, two items that seem to be unmatched, have become more and more common in street photography in recent years.

Although it looks very sports and leisure, the gas field brought by the windbreaker is unabated!

Whether it’s traveling or commuting to work, it’s all right

Windbreaker + floor trousers

Is it true that only cropped trousers can show long legs? Wearing greasy cropped trousers, small girls want to cover their flesh to show thinness and show long legs. Is there no other choice?

NO! Of course not. There are also floor pants with a "high-waisted straight design, wide-leg version, and a super long and cool touch of the floor (in fact, it is generally mopping)!"

Quickly turn over your suitable trousers, pair it with a windbreaker and go to the fall in the autumn wind in a stylish way!

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