Wearing the right jeans makes you more beautiful and confident

Wearing the right jeans makes you more beautiful and confident

Cameron Diaz once said:

"I'm like every other women

a closet full of clothes,but nothing to wear,

so I wear jeans"

"Like other women, I have a closet full of clothes. I really don't have any clothes to wear, but fortunately I have jeans to wear."

This may be the charm of jeans, because we need it. Different styles and different colors of jeans will help us achieve different wearing atmospheres.

# Straight pants #

Suitable for body shape: legs are not straight, crotch is wide

Women's straight-leg pants are improved from men’s jeans, so the straight-leg pants are smooth, concise and clean. They are a favorite type of pants for many girls.

The wide sense of straight-leg pants leads to the use of denim. The non-dragging version and fabric make the straight-leg pants have the effect of optimizing the shape of the legs, reducing the waist and raising the hips.

The wearability of straight jeans is the kind that can be very outstanding with casual matching, and you can wear a casual and comfortable style with a white T-shirt or a solid-color shirt.

Blogger Marie has straight jeans in many of her outfits. She prefers to match with ballet color-blocking shoes, which looks elegant and casual.

In addition to the mid-length straight jeans that can be worn with the ankles exposed, they can also be worn with short boots in autumn and winter, or put the boot openings in the trouser legs and put the trousers on the boot openings, giving the effect of piles of trousers.

Straight-leg jeans are also the favorite of supermodel Kendall, she loves straight-leg pants of all lengths. It has a slight silhouette without overly concave female lines. It feels straight from the waist to the ankles. No matter what it matches, it makes sense and looks clean and tidy.

Elsa hosk, who successfully got out of the circle by relying on a group of street photos, wore a pair of long and wide straight trousers that mopped the floor, with a simple white racer vest and long trousers, which were flush with the ground. It was obviously the easiest. Matching, but the chic and handsome at the beginning, people can't help but take a look.

A slit design on the trousers expands the original straight trousers, giving it a feeling of flared trousers.

The straight-leg jeans that mopped the floor have a particularly casual charm and a chic mid-sexy.

Small girls can also rest assured to wear long straight-leg pants with high shoes, and immediately lengthen the length of the legs, which is very tall.

# Wide leg pants #

Suitable for all shapes

The wide-leg pants were originally designed to help women get rid of the corset skirts, so once they were launched, they were loved by many people. The looseness of the wide-leg pants can easily create a lazy, straightforward and fashionable look.

Whether it is the imperfect leg shape or the problem of the crotch width, all the imperfections of the leg lines can be hidden in this wide trouser leg.

If you want to highlight a woman's waist in a loose fit, you can cleverly expose a little waist line, or tuck the top into the pants.

The fashionable person who pursues individuality can try to be careful on the wide pants. The holes in the unexpected position look full of personality. The small changes make people shine.

Even if it is a simple collocation, loose trouser legs will give people a casual and feminine look.

Wide trousers give people unlimited space, so many fashionable ladies like to use wide-leg trousers to shape their style.

Supermodels also choose wide-leg pants when they are on vacation. The piles of trousers with lightweight sneakers and colorful tops are fashionable and comfortable look.

# boot cut pant #

Suitable body: thick calf, pear-shaped body

Denim flared pants have a unique retro taste in the 1970s and 1980s. The horns that start from the knees and the width are not exaggerated. They are thin and tall items that many girls love every day.

The flared trousers below the knee can modify the line of the calf to a large extent, which is very suitable for girls with thick calves.

The shorter styles that have been popular in the past two years are simple and generous. They are suitable for pear-shaped figures with relatively thick thighs. The legs are modified so that the ankles will appear tall and straight.

French girls love to wear this short bootcut jeans, paired with short boots, suit jacket or shirt is a very classic fashionable style.

If there is a pair of trousers that looks taller and thinner, then the long flared pants must be at the forefront of the list. The flared pants with a tight top and a wide bottom can well modify the imperfections of the calf, and visually elongate the calf length. Effect.

The floor-length flared pants are an enhanced version that looks taller and thinner. Even if they are white, they won't look fat. When paired with shoes with a little height, they are very tall and straight.

The white flared pants are a fashionable dress that will never go out of style, matched with the beige suit vest and short boots, retro and gentle.

Tall girls can choose this kind of non-exaggerated micro-pants and the length of the mopping floor will look more slender visually. With a simple shirt, there is a sense of competence of urban women.

Or choose a trouser design that is not slim, and the position of the thighs and horns are more loose. This version is more tolerant of the legs and does not pick up the figure.

Only by finding the jeans that suit us can we become more of our own.

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