What is the fashion of autumn and winter of 2021, draw inspiration for daily wear from the five fashion trends

What is the fashion of autumn and winter of 2021, draw inspiration for daily wear from the five fashion trends

The five fashion trends of 2021 autumn and winter, from colors to patterns, and precious designs in details, convey the autumn trends from the models to everyone, and bring the essence of the latest fashion trends, and let everyone enjoy the fun of fashion.

Trends in autumn and winter

Unseen before the 2021 autumn and winter season, the beauty of fashion and the preciousness of creativity are once again collided. Each brand is shrouded in a positive atmosphere, reminiscent of the fashion world after the pandemic, and let us have a sense of popular fashion. expect.

We will carefully select and convey fashion trends, not only to light up ourselves, but also to infect the surrounding environment!

Popular weather vane for big brands

Tips: 1 Hermes

Willful femininity is at the forefront of the trend, Hermes has proposed a new image of women living in modern times. With black and white as the tone, a leather and gold necklace is worn on the inner high collar. Change the orange tone of the past and bring a revolutionary change.

Tips: 2 Jil Sander

The lemon color full of excitement and joy, Jil Sander, designed a hopeful yellow monotonous style, looking at the light in the haze days.

Tips: 3 Louis Vuitton

Wrapped in the warmth of leisure and loose texture, the fluffy silhouette of Louis Vuitton seems to be wrapped in peace of mind. Under the loose gray shorts, decorated with yellow flower patterns and brown leather ankle wedge heel high boots, as a warm and unique design collocation.

Tips: 4 Chanel

CHANEL, which is based on the iconic black and white, brings a golden design that heralds the near future. "Chanel" uses lively and gorgeous tones to rekindle hope in the autumn and winter of 2021.

Tips: 5 Gucci

Patterns that can stand out in traditional design, project free thoughts, Gucci "Gucci" with bold prints, exudes a free sensibility. The girdle around the waist still brings a traditional mark design.

Notice the nature of the fashion trend

After everyone has experienced something, it seems that the values of fashion have changed. The fashion information that this autumn and winter will bring us is also worthy of everyone to understand.

There is a tendency to prefer comfortable styles, and gorgeous fashionable jackets that are premised on parties are back.

Diversity has also become a trend. Therefore, in the season when you can actively enjoy the charm of women, elegant beauty is once again emphasized. The charm of elegance and practicality, simple lines, and complicated tailoring is also present. Intellectual ladies are all the rage.

Another feature is that many designers pay attention to the use of colors, bright colors that make people feel hopeful, not only have the effect of color therapy, but also make people happy.

The fluffy material that gives the skin a charming touch can also heal the soul. Items with a slight sparkle are also becoming "extroverted" fashion.

There are also rich floral and plant patterns, inspired by the wilderness that is familiar with the corona. Playful patterns sometimes evoke interesting topics and enrich people's connections through fashion.

Actual wear introduction


Combining single-breasted suits with shirts and pleated skirts, the simple and basic but brighter-colored shape also exudes a special halo. The presence of high-quality fabrics and the beauty of tailoring can be seen in popular fashion.


Light brown creates a strong atmosphere, by superimposing all the same colors to complete a rich style. Longer suits have high-quality cashmere silk luster and loose styles, and are suitable for trousers and skirts.


This is a beautiful jacket with a waistband, so it has a relaxed and casual style because they are made of high-quality materials and well tailored. Waterproof fabrics are very practical, because even light colors will not stain the clothes, while maintaining a sense of cleanliness, but also retains the sense of high-level.


Judging from the fashion trends in 2021, "lady" fan, bright "yellow", "fluffy fabric", "metal" and "prints" that demonstrate individuality and taste are all setting the benchmark for fashion. But in daily wear, as long as a little element is brought, it can reflect the sense of trend.

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