Which woolen coat is thinner? Choose A type and H type to highlight the elegant posture

Which woolen coat is thinner? Choose A type and H type to highlight the elegant posture

But woolen coats are also divided into several styles, which can be divided into several branches from the version alone. How to choose a woolen coat to look thin and tall?

Here we have summarized two coat styles for everyone-A-type and H-type.

The picture below can very well summarize the characteristics of the two styles of coats. The H-shaped coat on the left and the A-shaped coat on the right. I think these two coats are thinner in autumn and winter. How to look thin? Which figure fits? If you are also interested, then read on.

Type A coat, suitable for thin upper body

The main feature of the A-type coat is that the shoulders are tightened and the hem is relatively wide, especially on the shoulders, where the shoulder line is more obvious.

Clothes with obvious shoulder lines have a very obvious dividing line at the junction of the shoulders and sleeves. This dividing line can fit the shoulder part of our human body, making our shoulders more obvious, and the shoulder line is compared to the silhouette without a shoulder line. For coats, it is more restraining, so it is more suitable for a thin upper body figure.

Clothes with more obvious lines have a very important feature that is binding, such as leather jackets, denim jackets or jackets with tougher fabrics. When they are worn, they will feel a very "hard" feeling, not only handsome , And also very slim.

The A-shaped woolen coat has the same characteristics: the silhouette at the shoulders is very obvious, and from the waist line to the hem, there is a design that spreads like an umbrella skirt, which can naturally highlight the waist line and also give people. One kind of windbreaker can change into a skirt in seconds, and one kind of jacket, two kinds of wear, show the perfect thinness.

Wearing an A version of the woolen coat, choosing open clothes to wear, is a manifestation of fashionableness. Wearing open clothes with skirts or trousers will make you fully open in minutes and leave you clean. Neat image.

H-shaped coat, suitable for most figures, highlighting the waistline is the key

H-shaped coats are also a more popular style this year. Many people call this type of coats bathrobe-style coats. Here I want to focus on the specific characteristics of this type of coat.

It is a version of the coat, the shoulder line part, the waist part, and the hem part are all on the same level. You can take a closer look at the picture below and it is more obvious. The shoulder line, waist line and hem are not tight or loose, and they are relatively flat. The waist line is mainly highlighted by a belt:

Many imitation fur coats also have the same design, because the fur itself has a strong sense of volume. If you make it into a tight style, you will feel a little deliberate and tight, but if you make a style that is too loose, you will feel that the whole person is fat. Bloated, so the a-style version is also a common version of faux fur coats:

The H version of the coat can pay more attention to the fabric and waistline when wearing it. This version of the coat is more self-cultivating than the silhouette coat, so it is more suitable for most figures, because of the waistline blessing , So the whole person will be taller; if you think this version is a little heavy and bloated, you can choose some tough or more line-like fabrics in terms of fabrics, so that it will not appear so crowded.


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