Women are less than 165 cm tall, it is recommended to wear these 3 pairs of pants and short boots in winter, which is fashionable and slim

Women are less than 165 cm tall, it is recommended to wear these 3 pairs of pants and short boots in winter, which is fashionable and slim

It's winter in a blink of an eye, and for short girls, getting thinner in clothes has become a problem. Little girls are always moving towards a goal in their outfits-how to appear taller. Most of the winter clothes are thicker and warmer, so you turn into a penguin if you don't pay attention.

Don’t worry about your inborn height. Find good tips in dressing, clever use of dressing skills, and putting the short legs out of the aura of the long legs are the skills we should have.

Little black pants

Features and advantages

The literal meaning of the little black pants is a pair of black trousers, but because it has been in the fashion circle for many years, its unparalleled strength and unparalleled versatile combat power have successfully captured a bunch of fans.

Because it has a slim fit and can tightly wrap the legs, it will highlight the shape of the legs. For girls with poor leg shapes, do not try as much as possible. Girls with thin legs and straight legs will choose small-foot pants to highlight your advantage. . In the past two years, there have been more velvet styles, which are more suitable for wearing in winter, keeping warm and looking thin.

The combination of small black trousers and black short boots, the perfect combination of the color series, can have a visual extension effect, and instantly show long legs, which has a good advantage for small girls. In addition, the black color itself has a very thin effect, so you don't have to worry about fat girls, you can try it selectively.

It is recommended to match the top with a bright color or the opposite color difference. In order to highlight the tenderness of a little woman, the feathery coat is blessed with a good fluffy and delicate feeling. It is suitable for thin girls. It is not recommended. Girls with fat upper body will have the consequence of becoming fatter if they try.

For early winter, it is better to take out a thick down jacket and apply the collocation method of layering to keep warm without losing the sense of fashion. The black high collar has a very warm effect inside, simple and comfortable. It is recommended to wear a round neck sweater with fleece. The neckline has a distinct layering. For girls with fat upper bodies, a loose sweater is also very concealing. The effect of slimming.

A pair of small black trousers is blessed, which echoes the base color inside. The self-cultivation style modifies the leg lines more slender. The fishnet stockings are simply exposed at the ankles. The combination with pointed short boots makes it a little more sexy. It also adds a little bit of femininity.

The color echoes from the beginning to the end, and the little black trousers are used as the intermediate color difference. For girls with crotch width, it is recommended to choose a mid-length coat to cover up this defect. Short boots and coats should have a subtle color echo, full of fashion sense.

Wide leg pants

*Features and advantages

Wide-leg pants are trousers with wide cuffs. The loose version and smooth line cut make people look more atmospheric and simple. They can subtly modify the imperfect leg shape. Very thin. For girls with thick legs, you can choose this type of trousers, which satisfies you while wearing comfortably, but also has a fashionable charm.

Denim wide-leg pants have been popular in the fashion circle in recent years, and you can see them everywhere on the street. For short children, it is recommended to choose a high-waisted version, with tops as you wish, and black sweaters are also very low-key. In order to avoid monotony, silver necklace jewelry is used as an embellishment.

Pay attention to tuck the sweater slightly into the pants to create a perfect body proportion, and it will not have the effect of pressing down on the height. Randomly match a pair of short boots on your feet. It is recommended that the boots should be self-cultivating to avoid the bloated effect of wide-leg pants.

The matching of the same color is a good choice for mature women. The classic earth color also has its own retro charm. The brown sweater is blessed, and it has some loose effects. It is not recommended for girls with fat upper body to try it. They are slightly fatter.

Also tie the sweater into the pants and outline the waist. It is recommended to choose a pair of wide-leg pants with a plaid pattern, which not only echoes the color, but also does not appear monotonous and full of fashion.

Round-toed short boots will have a more rounded effect to avoid the consequences of pressing down on the height. It is recommended to choose nine-point trousers for the trousers of wide-leg pants. Light gray knitwear is used as a top, and the design of puff sleeves is also a bit cute and playful. Girls with shoulder widths are not recommended to try it, as they will have a somewhat strong feeling.

For the slim high neck design, you can choose a necklace for simple blessing, which is a bit more refined. High-waisted trousers have lace embellishments, so it is not recommended to use belts to avoid cumbersomeness.


*Features and advantages

Overalls are loose pants with many large pockets. It has a strong all-match nature, and it will be handsome with a simple top. On the contrary, the bow decoration or floral embroidery on ordinary overalls gives a gentle femininity to the face.

And most of the overalls have a tie-down version design, and a pair of short boots is also the most suitable. For short girls, they are tall and thin without losing the sense of fashion.

For girls with thin upper body, you can choose a slim-fit knitwear as a collocation. It is recommended that the color of the upper body can be a little mixed and disordered to avoid the monotonous feeling of the overall black system of the lower body. The high-waist overalls paired with the slim fit have a strong effect. Girls who are looking for cool can be blessed with a trouser chain, which immediately highlights the coolness.

The classic khaki and the retro olive green are fashionable and not too obtrusive. It can also be a little more colorful in winter. For short girls, it is not recommended to choose a sweater that is too loose, a short sweater with a little looseness is more suitable.

In order to avoid bloated feeling, pay attention to the inner style to choose a slim style, keep warm and comfortable. The same trouser chain blessing has a strong sense of fashion. The cuff design of the trousers is combined with Martin boots, the two are perfectly combined, which is thin and tall.

Overalls and leather jackets are simply a classic match for a handsome girl. For winter, in order to avoid the cold, it is recommended to choose plush style leather clothing, plush is gentle and warm.

It is recommended to choose bright colors for the interior to enhance the brightness of the overall match, and it will not be too boring. The luster of the paint surface of Martin boots and the luster of the leather coat form a good echo, full of trendy atmosphere.

Well, the three kinds of pants introduced above also correspond to several different combinations. Have you been careful?

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