You are graceful if you wear the right clothes! Demystify the truth about "French style wear".

You are graceful if you wear the right clothes! Demystify the truth about "French style wear".

"Be good at heart, simple in shape", using this to describe French style dressing can't be more accurate. It expresses the essence of French elegance, and also contains the essence of dressing: with a delicate heart, wear a minimalist shape.

Combing those beautiful and charming women, from Fragrant Granny to Hepburn, none of them have become classics in the image of a changeable girl. All of their lives, they will always insist on their unique aesthetics, choosing the dress that truly belongs to their own style from every surging fashion trend.

They understand the power of persistence; they know the true meaning of fashion; they know what it means to truly love themselves, and they will always only listen to the call of their hearts, never follow the trend, and never follow the trend.

For most people, the elegance of French style is like flowers in the water and the moon in a mirror. You can see and feel them, but you can't hold them firmly in your hands and take them as your own. Familiar and unfamiliar, maybe this is the state.

The clouds on the surface are light and the wind is light, but how are the clouds surging in the dark? How much hard work is behind casual fashion?  This should be proportional, as the appearance is beautiful, the sacrifice is just as cruel!

All the effortlessness in the world is the result of hard work. Family, career, figure, beauty, profound knowledge, wisdom, decentness, and fertility are all the fruits of self-discipline that are cast and gathered into a tower.

If you believe in the power of hard work, if you are willing to analyze and face yourself, you might as well follow the author to explore the essence of French elegance and find the laws behind it.

Key words for French style wear:

Feel the characteristics: gentle and elegant, elegant but free and easy, and stylish. It will be appropriately decent and proportionate, from clothing to words and behaviors. The wearer's frowns and smiles, the indiscriminate gestures of gestures, and every act without intention.

Wearing characteristics: All the French styles that look good in clothes are never overly piled up and whitewashed, but only through basic items to complete the elegant interpretation from head to toe. The basic style is the main force in their clothing.

Of course, this basic model is not the other basic model. It seems to be basic. There are many articles in it, and there are many invisible little secrets and cautions. These invisible, unspeakable, and invisible contents are what we need to pay attention to.

First: Appropriate version and fit

Loose and comfortable but decent, it is the obvious characteristic of French style. It's rare to see a slim-fit version with a suffocating, over-protruding body curve. Incorporate the right curve changes into the freely retractable looseness, creating a sense of relaxation and space, and gaining relaxation and comfort.

Therefore, they especially emphasize the transfer of design, the fit of the size, and the inadvertent performance of matching clothes.

Design transfer: In the creation of sexy, elegant women usually adopt roundabout and wise methods, and cleverly enhance the level of sexy exposed skin through design transfer. Compared to deliberately emphasizing sexy with slim and exquisite curves, the looming dim sexy is more beautiful.

The loose sleeves in the French style cater to this point. The sleeves are used to create a sense of space, allowing the wearer to always be relaxed and relaxed in his gestures, but at the same time, through the fitted waistline and exaggerated generous neckline, it fully demonstrates the temptation of curves.

This fusion of sexy and elegant technical style is dominated by French style. The black is still the same, the lines are the same, but it has long been charming and secretive.

Loose big sweater: a warm big sweater in winter, loose and flexible sleeve space, release the flexibility of the shoulders and arms, and the not-compact contour of the fit, telling the elegant style in detail.

The low-key and restrained brown, but because of the glittering gold and silver light of the stars, it breaks the monotony and highlights the casual fashion.

Size fit: Every body type is different, if it is not a standard body, it is difficult to meet a completely fitted clothes. Wanting to fit the size means that you need to work hard when choosing and buying, try on more, try more and compare, and be picky.

At the same time, after the purchase, you must have the mind to modify, and change some small flaws or inappropriateness to fit. Even if you don't know how to do it, you should find a tailor to make it fit.

Appropriate and fit clothes are just like custom-made, they fit perfectly with your body, and you are not restricted in your activities. You don't have to worry about an improper action and let the clothes fall apart.

For example, inside a decent short fur coat, a dark green simple dress, without any extra decoration, is only finely outlined with a belt, from the chest to the hem, it is relaxed and free, and there is no lack of grace and gentleness between gestures and feet.

There is also a meaning to size fit. You have to understand what kind of clothes need to be looser and what kind of clothes need to be tightened. The subtle changes can be clearly seen in the whole.

White shirts are suitable for being looser in order to look handsome and unruly; white T-shirts need to be more self-cultivating in order to be exquisite in leisure; H coats must be more fitted to show its neat and stylish...

Knowing the different clothes well can control them better.

Inadvertent dressing: Compared with the version and size, the inadvertent dressing or matching is more important. Wearing clothes is enjoyment and experience, and any inner tension or unnaturalness will be expressed through attitude.

When you can't really enjoy a set of clothes, how can you show their beauty? When you are not confident in yourself, you still expect clothes to make you look good?

The more formal and decent clothes, the more casual you want to wear, the more relaxed you behave, the more relaxed your heart will be, and the better your state will be.

Inside the beige windbreaker, black suit, and black trousers, a messy white T-shirt is the most gentle harmony. Although it is uneven, it brings real temperature, giving a serious windbreaker some laziness and casualness.

The randomness in the French style seems natural, but it is actually carefully created. It is not suitable for meticulous response to elegance.

Second: The color is simple, elegant and not fancy

The colors in the French style are rarely too full of bright colors such as red and green. Of course there are, but relatively few. Simple and elegant but not lacking in gentleness and enthusiasm, it is the color matching characteristic of French style.

❶ Neutral colors dominated by black, white and gray ~ simple and elegant

Minimalist black, white and gray will always be synonymous with high-level sense. But when applied to the French style, it is less powerful and has a gentle and elegant elegance. This is inseparable from the material and line outline.

A big white sweater with soft and easy off-white straight pants, neat but soft, embellished with beige high-heeled boots and bags, and exquisitely enhanced texture.

Black: The multi-faceted amorous feelings that give birth to black, one is the mix and match, one is the softness of the material, and the other is the curve change of the line. The cool black leather jacket and the swaying of the knitted skirt are the most charming black style.

The direct way to make black gentle is the waistline! As long as it can highlight the lightness of the waist, the elegance is immediately apparent. Whether it is a choice or a combination, if you want to look feminine, please don't forget the power of graceful curves.

❷ Rice, card, brown and other earthy colors ~ gentle and passionate

The sentimental and romantic earth colors contain all our yearning for beauty: warm and indisputable, warm-hearted and enthusiastic, advanced and reserved, they have captured our deep affection in a humble attitude.

Beige, khaki, wine red, dark green, brown, coffee, reddish brown, etc., can always give people a sense of comfort, quietness and harmony.

The timeless khaki windbreaker and the classic plaid scarf, they dance with the black style. The more you love these colors, they carry the breath of stability in time. They are classics and even more popular.

The calm beige color, when wearing it with a little surprise, to make it fashionable. The waist, the silk scarf embellishment, the ingenious cloak design, and the open wear, these dressing carefully can not be ignored at any time.

The outstanding camel coat is a must-have item for autumn and winter every year. I am never lonely when I have it.

❸ Simple and elegant pattern, soft material

The French style never makes a big fuss in the pattern, and the soft and comfortable material is the best choice to show elegance. You can pay attention to the purity of the color, the coldness and warmth, and will never let the particularly exaggerated and overly bright patterns occupy the protagonist.

Retro polka dots, simple and elegant small broken flowers, classic plaid, delicate texture changes, and delicate attention to small details are the key.

Polka dots are not all old-fashioned, as long as they pay attention to the coordination of their large and small waves, they are attached to the black cloth in a sparse and patchy pattern to express the French romantic style of a delicate woman in a more advanced way.

In the selection of pattern comparison, there are always some touching details. Don't underestimate these details, they are all true skills.

The same plaid, different plaids also have different styles and languages, choose the most suitable elegant plaid, combined with the brilliant flowery smile, and present the most beautiful dressing posture together.

Third: the exquisite power of accessories

Accessories are the soul of French style. If you don't know how to use accessories, I'm sorry, it is difficult to wear the elegance you want. When the clothes are simple and the colors are simple and elegant, what is the color? Of course it's accessories.

In the French style, you can see accessories everywhere, and there is no set of collocations that can be fashionable without accessories. Common berets, pearl necklaces, all kinds of exquisite jewelry, scarves, hair bands, etc.

They are not only embellishments, but also the source of the streamlined dynamics and charm of the overall shape.

Beret hat: one of the essential accessories of French style, soft and adjustable hat shape, destined to fit perfectly with the head shape, and freely concave shape according to your ideas. It can be playful, elegant, intelligent, and small. Wearing a beret, it's all about wearing a college question.

The beret and lazy sexy curly hair make it easy to create an elegant and casual look. Gentle and boneless, they are a collection of romantic femininity, without being strong and tough, they are all feminine and tender.

Silk scarf: It seems that only the silk scarf can change the basic clothes and give them a beautiful new look. With its light embellishment, it seems that it is a part of the clothes, which is harmonious and delicate.

The pattern of the silk scarf can be color-matched and smooth, and it can be adjusted to play with many style changes.

Necklace jewelry: Among the dark basic items, these jewelry such as necklaces and earrings are quickly upgraded and fashionable. With their blessings, the basic models have the confidence to be beautiful, like turning a stone into gold, a small necklace, and a big heart.

A gentle pearl jewelry, if you want to be elegant, you might as well invite it out of the mountain. You don't need too much, just a single embellishment, between the ears, neck, wrists, gestures, and feet, there are thousands of styles.

French style dressing, in addition to the above analysis of dressing, also has intangible effects such as temperament and self-confidence. It still takes a long way to go to implement conciseness and simplicity from the inside and outside. But at least, we know the direction, it's like a lighthouse, and the rest is up to you.

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