You don't need to buy too much hooded sweater, just have these "3 styles"!

You don't need to buy too much hooded sweater, just have these "3 styles"!

The practicability of the hooded sweater is definitely undeniable, and the effect of wearing it on the body is different in different styles. But no matter how you wear it, you will not be able to escape these 3 sweaters. As long as you can choose the most suitable version, you can ensure that you can wear the most fashionable and textured sweater.

Style 1: Short hooded 

The short sweater has relatively high body requirements. There is no special design in the style of the sweater. The biggest highlight is actually the appearance of the waist line. Therefore, in the design of sweaters, most of them are based on the color and version of the basic models, only by appropriately exposing the skin to increase the overall fashion.

Of course, if your waist line is not particularly quiet and superior, you can choose a high-waisted lower part to cover the fleshy lower abdomen, exposing the most slender and obvious upper part of the waist line, and visually you can also achieve a certain slimming effect. . Or choose a shirt outside to have a certain effect of covering the flesh, but the version of the jacket should not be too loose, and the waist position is excellent, which is high and thin.

Girls who don’t want to show their waists can be paired with super-high-waisted skirts. The artificially high waistline position emphasizes the proportional effect of the leg lines, and the visual feeling is more inclined to the thin texture. It’s just that the version of the half-length skirt is also best to be able to modify the shape of the A-line version. The loose skirt can artificially create a width difference with the short sweater, and the figure will be more petite.

When choosing a short sweater, the style and material are the most important. In fact, I don't recommend choosing a too heavy fabric. It is easy to enlarge and relax the upper body proportion, and at the same time, it will also have the problem of being fat. Instead, you can use fabrics with good drape, which can modify the body line. If it appears as an inner wear, it will not be too bloated, and at the same time, it can also have a slimming effect.

Style 2: oversize hooded

All recent items are as wide as possible, and sweaters are no exception. So now the sweater version on the market is very exaggerated, especially the oversize style is very popular. The so-called oversize actually means that the overall version of the sweater is relatively loose, especially the position of the shoulder line, which is generally at the position of the upper arm, visually making your shoulder line more rounded.

Therefore, the oversize version of the sweater is not suitable for girls with round shoulders and sloping shoulders, and it will look more robust visually. Instead, you can choose to use a small hooded design to neutralize the design of a part of the shoulder line, and optimize the head-to-shoulder ratio to visually have a thin texture. And oversize sweaters, it is best to wear the clothes missing, exposing the slender leg lines can lengthen the leg lines, looking thin and fashionable.

Girls who are not particularly confident about the proportions of their legs can actually be paired with mid-high boots that are over the knee, which can modify the shape of the legs and make the skin more sexy and more charming. And for this kind of silhouette version of the sweater, it is best to use the same color when matching, the color is unified and coordinated without special abruptness, but it will be more textured when matched together. It is best to choose a matte design for over-the-knee boots.

Girls who don't want to show their legs can choose a skirt, but the version must be a slim style, and there is an artificial width difference to have the effect of slimming. Oversize sweaters will inevitably be a bit monotonous when you wear them alone. They can be stacked. The shirt inside can increase the sense of layering and make your outfit more fashionable. If the inner wear is a knitted sweater, it will give people a gentle and gentle feeling.

Style 3: Hooded suit

The most indispensable thing for the lazy people is the sweater suit. Wearing the sweater suit will be simpler and easier. You don't need to pay special attention to the overall match. Even the whole set will look good and exquisite. At the same time, there are many styles of sweater suits that can be selected. For tall girls, I will contact and choose a short suit, focusing on the waist line, which can have the effect of showing the proportion of thinness and height.

Sweatshirts give people the most comfortable feeling, so the choice of styles and thickness of sweaters is also detailed. It is best to match the color of the basic model. As for the version, it is also a simple and casual feeling. It will not look very abrupt. As for the fabric, it is best to be made of cotton and linen, which will not be too bloated when worn on the body, and there will be no problem of fatness as an inner wear.

The color of the sweater suit must find a style that suits you. The yellow and black leather must be a low-saturation style in terms of color. If the color is too bright, it will appear more black. You can try the haze blue gray pink color that is distinctive but not particularly eye-catching, and it can also play a role in modifying the skin tone and highlighting the complexion. The effect of killing two birds with one stone is reasonable and not.

Even if you choose a high-brightness sweater color, you can neutralize the visual impact of a part of the sweater through the matching jacket, and the feeling will not be particularly exaggerated, but there will be a high-end fashion that plays with color matching. Spend. The color with high saturation should not be too exaggerated in terms of the layout. Compared with the simple basic models, the version with smooth lines and neat lines will have a high-level texture.

The above is the editor's summary of this year's sweater styles. You don't need to find a more suitable version for sweaters. A reasonable combination is the most suitable.


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