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GB/T32614 Standard Waterproof Jacket Set

GB/T32614 Standard Waterproof Jacket Set

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Description: "Brave the elements with confidence in our cutting-edge GB/T32614 standard men's waterproof breathable jacket set. Engineered for superior performance, this high-tech outerwear combines advanced features to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in any weather.

Key Features:

  • Unrivaled Waterproof Protection: Withstanding even the harshest downpours, our jacket offers rainstorm-level waterproofing to keep you dry and comfortable.

  • Dual-Layer Warmth: The two-piece set locks in warmth, featuring an inner layer crafted from premium 90% white duck down for plush insulation.

  • Anti-Static Comfort: Experience static-free comfort and enduring warmth with the added benefit of thickened heat retention.

  • Versatile Climate Defense: Designed to combat wind, water, and stains, our jacket adapts to changing climates and environments with ease.

  • Smart Moisture Management: Innovative fabric technology senses internal humidity, facilitating breathability and sweat evaporation for lasting comfort. Breathability index: 5000g/M3/24HR.

  • Adjustable Protection: Reinforced cuffs, hood, and hem allow you to tighten against wind forces up to 7th level.

  • Oil-Repellent Technology: The outer shell is fortified with TEFLON nanocoating, providing exceptional resistance to stains and spills. Stay clean and stylish effortlessly.

Functional Benefits:

  • Storm-Level Waterproofing: Defends against torrential rain, ensuring impenetrable protection.

  • Heat Retention: Prevents heat loss with an inner layer featuring premium 90% white duck down for lasting comfort.

  • Professional-Grade Oil Resistance: TEFLON-coated shell for superior oil and stain repellency.

Discover the perfect blend of style and performance with our advanced waterproof breathable jacket set. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts seeking unbeatable protection and enduring comfort."


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